The Wave Election Complete

November 2014 will go down in history as one of those turning points in the story of America. It will be remembered as the moment when the People of the United States stood up and said no. When the people of the United States demanded an end to the radical agenda of President Barack Obama, and the stonewalling of the legislative process being committed by Harry Reid. 2014 was a wave election, on that early November night the people of the United States saw fit to end the tyrannical rule of Harry Reid in the Senate. The GOP picked up 7 seats in the Senate. All told, this election can be seen as nothing but a MASSIVE wave. On November 4th, 2014 the GOP picked up:
8 Seats in the Senate
11 Seats in the House of Representatives
4 Governors
8 state legislative chambers
That is a massive victory for the GOP. Especially when you consider the fact that, unlike the Senate where only one third of the members were up for reelection, each Representative must win reelection every two years. There can be no denying that this election was a massive victory for the GOP.

The story did not end on November 4th, 2014. There was one state, where no candidate reached a majority of the vote. Under that state’s law, that forced a run off. The State in question was Louisiana. Incumbent Democrat Marry Landrieu was forced into a run off against Republican Bill Cassidy. The vote on election night was split between many candidates, but it was not hard to tell that Landrieu was in trouble. Far more people turned out to vote for conservative candidates than did for progressive ones. So it was not really surprising when last night it was announced that Bill Cassidy completed the Republican Wave election, by defeating Ms. Landrieu 57 to 43.

With the run off complete the 2014 midterm elections are now in a thing of the past. The question now becomes, not who will control the United States Senate, but rather what do these results mean? The American People have spoken, and they have spoken loudly. However it is not really fair to compare the results of the 2014 elections, to the wave election that happened in 2010, when the TEA Party lead the GOP to the wave election that stripped control of the House of Representatives away from the Democrat Party. In 2010, the GOP ran with its base, and ran a national campaign against the radical agenda of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. Specifically, the out of control spending, the buyout of General Motors, and the largest power grab in American History Obmacare. They ran on restoring balance to the government, ending Obamacare, and stopping President Obama’s agenda.

2014 was a completely different story. The GOP ran against their base, telling them to sit down and shut up. They had no real national agenda. They literally sat back, and let the Democrat Party explode on itself. They let the peoples outrage at the radical policies of President Obama, the despicable actions of Harry Reid, and the overall negative view of government do the work for them. To win all they had to do was link their Democrat opponents to President Obama and his highly unpopular record.

So what does that all really mean? The GOP has been blasted in the media ever sense the TEA Party victory in 2010. They have been called everything from sexists and racists all the way to obstructionists. When President Obama and Harry Reid refused to compromise, it was the Republicans who received the blame for shutting down the government. Even though they were the ones who offered several options to prevent it. President Obama never missed a chance to blame Republicans for the problems in this nation. To hear him tell it the immigration problems in this country can be solely blamed on the GOP listening to their constituents who did not support the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. At every turn, the GOP was blamed for the problems of this country. At every turn the GOP was accused of holding the nation back. Yet despite all of their best efforts, the GOP was able to take control of the Senate, gain seats in the house, increase the number of Republican governors, increase the number of GOP majorities in state legislatures, all adding up to the largest GOP advantage sense President Truman was in the White House. All of this without having a national agenda to run on, all of this by simply tying Democrats to President Obama.

What we can learn from 2014 is obvious and can be broken down into two main lessons. The first is the most obvious, and that is the people of the United States are tired of President Obama’s radical agenda, and his governing against the rule of law. The people of this country, want President Obama’s radical agenda stopped. They want congress to put an end to it. This is really the only logical conclusion that can be reached. President Obama sets atop the Executive Branch, one of three separate but equal branches of government. He has already won reelection and thus has nothing to fear from the outrage of the people, as we lack any form of retaliation against him now. The Judicial Branch, is another of the equal branches of government. The Supreme Court has the ability to act as a check on the Executive Branch by ensuring that the actions taken by President Obama are in fact legal. However, the Supreme Court Justices are appointed, and thus the people cannot utilize them for change. The only option left is the Third Branch of Government, the Legislature. The President is not above the congress, he is equal to it. He has no more power then they do. He legally cannot create laws, he can only enforce them. Laws are created by CONGRESS. They are voted in the House, and the Senate, and if approved go to the President who can either veto them or sign them into law. Congress also controls the power of the purse, they determine where money is to be spent.

So on November 4th, 2014, the people of the United State stripped control of the United States Congress away from President Obama’s allies. They chose instead to give legislative power to the GOP. The only conclusion that can be reached is that the American People want congress to stop President Obama. They do not want his agenda to be implemented. They do not want congress to work with the President, they want congress to oppose the President. If they wanted President Obama’s agenda perpetuated they would have elected Democrats to the Congress, so they could work with the President to advance his progressive ideology. The GOP was given control of the Senate to stop President Obama, NOT to work with him.

The second lesson is probably the more important one. The battle for the United States Senate is over, President Obama has become a lame duck President. Over the past six years he has shown himself entirely unwilling to compromise, or to actually reach a cross the aisle. His constant attacks on anyone daring to oppose him, coupled with the countless scandals that have defined his presidency, have really destroyed any creditably that he has. With no political leverage, and no public support, the Presidency of Barack Obama is essentially over (that is not to say that he isn’t going to continue on as he has been). Our eyes must now turn towards the future. 2016 is fast approaching, and 2016 will be the most important election in modern history.

2008 showed us that you cannot run a progressive Republican against a Progressive Democrat. 2010 showed us that a United Conservative Base is capable of massive victories. 2012 proved to us that you cannot win the White House by running a moderate, Romney won the independents but failed to inspire the base to turn out and vote. 2014 has proved that radical progressive policies are not the main stream ideas that progressives would have you believe. The majority of the American People oppose the progressive ideology.

The lesson then is simple, if the GOP wants to win the White House in 2016, they have but one choice, they have to run a principled limited government conservative. They ran a progressive in 2008 and lost, they ran a moderate in 2012, and lost. They ran a conservative campaign in 2010 and won, and they let the progressives destroy themselves in 2014. A principled conservative is the way it must be. JEB Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, are guaranteed to ensure Hilary Clinton has the White House.

It is time conservatives, step up, and retake the GOP. 2016 is the year we either rescue the nation, or hand it over to the socialists forever. The fate of the nation depends on who the GOP chooses.


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