State of The Union

So we are a couple days out from the President’s annual State of The Union speech.  President Obama has had problems in the past with the State of The Union Address. I mean the first one he delivered was nothing but a narcissistic pat on the back, he even forgot to tell us what the State of The Union actually was.  The question for this year is, what will President Obama actually say?

The way I see it, there are several options for how the State of the Union speech will go. The first would see President Obama outline steps that must be taken to address the anarchy that has descended upon the world. President Obama would outline the threat posed by ISIL and how America would react to this threat to liberty.  President Obama would address the need for our country reconcile with itself, for the nation to heal, to bury long standing hatreds and move forward.  The second option would see President Obama come out and brag about the dismal growth seen by the US economy, and use the speech as a chance to once again blame all the countries woes on Conservatives and TEA Party members.  The third option will have President Obama come out and as always show that the President is completely oblivious to the real world and the concerns of the nation.  He will pitch his “free college for those willing to work for it” plan, call for research on global warming, and demand action on illegal immigration. Ok hold on, I am sorry, I am not going to keep up the act anymore, President Obama will demand amnesty, any “comprehensive” reform from President Obama basically is just a call for amnesty.   Finally he will use the speech to threaten congress and say he is willing to work with them, where they can, but he is willing to go alone. We all know that when President Obama says he is willing to work with congress, what he really means is “congress will do as I tell them, or I will bastardize them for the next century.”  There is of course always the possibility that he goes for a combination of the three, but I doubt it.

The question now is which path will President Obama take. I am leaning towards the oblivious path personally. He does not have to worry about elections anymore, might as well show his hand.  It should be interesting, I always love to hear President Obama talk as though he is a Washington outsider, and how his big government progressive ideology is going to finally work.

Tuesday January 20th, we find out what President Obama thinks about the State of the Union.


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