Tom Brady Destroying the World

I don’t even know what to call this post, I am sick and tired of hearing about the stupid Patriots and their deflated footballs. It is a game, you know a thing that children play outside. Yes it was for the championship, yes there is a lot of money on the line, but it is still just a freaking game. I am tired of hearing about how they slipped these deflated balls past the officials. I am tired of hearing about how long it has been going on. I am tired of hearing about “who knew what when”.   The ignorant morons in the news media have given this “scandal” more coverage to date than they have the terrorist attack in Benghazi. You know September 11, 2012, our President left four Americans to die, lied to the world blaming the attack on a protest that they knew did not exist, and went off campaigning rather than worrying about our burning consulate.

I am sorry but they had Bill Nye the Science Guy come onto TV, and discuss how the Patriots claim that they heat the balls up by rubbing them did not ring true.  Really, that is news.  It amazes me how willfully ignorant people are.  Terrorist kill our ambassador, meh, the Patriots play with saggy balls, OH MY GOD CALL IN THE NATIONAL GUARD! If the media cared one tenth about the truth when it comes to President Obama’s failed presidency, as they do about some stupid game, our nation would not be suffering from half the problems that it is today.

I never knew that a school yard squabble could be called a “scandal”, Teacher teacher,  those kids cheated. The teacher then calls in the national news media.  It is ridiculous, and I am tired of hearing about.  People need to get their priorities straight.  It never fails, I will be listening to talk radio, and someone will say “how can you listen to that stuff, it is depressing”, I respond with I like to be informed, they typically respond with something along the lines of “I don’t care about politics, I can’t change anything, and it just doesn’t matter to me”.  This person is always the first to become outraged at these “scandals” coming from the NFL.  Yeah, they don’t care about politics, they can’t change anything, but by God they give a shit when it comes down to a sports team from a different town, in which they have no ownership, and no say in its operation.

Seriously, get over it, they cheated, they didn’t cheat, it doesn’t really mater.  Yemen has collapsed, ISIL is marching unchecked a crossed the middle east, and Radical Progressives now control Greece.  Yes Neo Nazi’s are now a major party in Greece, but the media is wasting time talking about some damn football game.  No wonder it was so easy for President Obama to get elected.  If he had dropped a pass in the Super Bowl he would have been run out of the country. Luckily for him, he only doubled the national debt, destroyed the healthcare industry, presided over the collapse of the western world, set race relations back decades, and played politics while our economy sank into oblivion.  None of those are important, and play no role in your life. Don’t worry, go back to bitching about Tom Brady, that is the real story.


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