Mitt Romney…. Haven’t We Tried That?

2016 is a very important year, we have suffered for eight years under the progressive ideology of President Barack Obama.  We have seen the national debt double. We have watched as the work force participation rate drop from 66.2% down to 62.7%, a level not seen since 1978.  We have seen the average household income drop from $54,973 to $51,847. We have been forced to suffer through the passage of Obamacare, a system that has put our healthcare system on a collision course with collapse.  The Middle East is on fire, terrorists are on the march, and the United States creditability has all but been destroyed. 2008 to 2016 will be looked back on as a dark time in US history.

2016 will be a critical point in our nation’s history. That is the year that our children will look back at, and say “that is when the United States fell into oblivion,” or “that is when the United States stood tall, and began to climb out of ruin”.  That will only happen if the Republican Party puts forward a candidate that has the capability of uniting the country, a candidate that can inspire the people, and a candidate that defeat Hilary Clinton. The question is which candidate is capable of filling this role. Who should the GOP trust with such an important task. Some amongst the GOP Establishment, are pitching a man with a record of personal and political success, a man who is well known for his economic prowess.  A man who they claim can win the moderate vote. That man is none other than Mitt Romney.

Wait… I feel like we have discussed this before. I am almost certain that I have heard about Romney running for president before. Why is that. Oh that’s right, Romney ran in 2012 against President Obama. He ran on his record of economic success.  He ran against a President with absolutely no record to run on.  Unemployment was at 7.8%, Obamacare was opposed by the majority of the nation, 56% of the nation believed the country was on the wrong track, and not to mention the scandal in Benghazi. You know, the terrorist attack on September 11, the one where our embassy was attacked, and our ambassador killed. That attack that President Obama choose to ignore and go campaigning. The attack that President Obama lied to the American People about.  Don’t forget that the TEA Party had just lead the GOP to a massive victory in 2010, so momentum was against the President. Yet with all of this, Mitt Romney failed to win the election.

Think of everything that has happened from 2012 till now, think of everything President Obama has done. All of that could have been avoided if Mitt Romney had won the election. Obamacare could have been a thing of the past, had Mitt Romney won the election.  Taxes would not have gone up, had Romney won. Our nation could very well have been on the rebound, had Romney managed to win the election.  But he didn’t win, he lost.  Romney lost the 2012 election, primarily because he failed to inspire the conservative base to come out and vote.  Why then, are members of the Republican Party seriously considering supporting Mitt Romney in a third attempt at the presidency?

He could not beat a damaged President Obama running a record of failure and division, what makes anyone think that he will be able to run against the vial bigotry that will come from the progressives in the Hilary campaign? How will this vial, demonized, white man be able to defeat Hilary Clinton? They will start up the “war on women” campaign against him yet again, they will bring back the 47% comment, I could even see the thugs on the left attacking him for his faith.  How can anyone honestly think that Romney has a prayer of overcoming these mountains, against the woman who will be billed as “the first viable female candidate”. How will he beat Hilary, the woman who is owed the Presidency? How will he beat the memory of the 90’s?

The sad fact of the matter is that he can’t. In my honest opinion I think Romney would make a good President. He has a history of economic success. He has an interesting life story. He is an honest man who could return a sense of maturity and respect to the White House. The problem is, he cannot win.  He does not excite the Republican base, he does not excite conservatives (conservatives being the largest ideology in the country). The path to the White House runs through the conservative vote. If the progressives can convince the GOP to run a moderate, they can split off the conservatives, winning them the election. If the GOP runs a viable candidate, they win the conservatives, and thus election.

Romney did not win in 2008, he couldn’t defeat John McCain, Romney did not win in 2012, Romney will not win in 2016. Voting for Mitt Romney in the GOP Primary is voting for Hilary for President. If you are smart, you will heed this warning.  Or you could be an ignorant fool, and vote for a man who has proven that he cannot win the White House.


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