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I am going to take a second, and step away from the world of politics here for a moment, to address something that has been concerning me for a very long time.  Why is it that people seem to be completely incapable of operating  a motor vehicle? It really is not that hard. There are lines on the road that tell you where you can go, there are signs on the side of the road that tell you what you can do, and don’t hit anything.  How hard is that, stay inside the lines, follow the rules, and don’t hit anything. From the moment we are born our driving training begins.

Think about it, everything in your childhood was preparing you to drive.  Coloring books, teach you motor control and to of course stay inside the lines. You parents, and teachers, grounding, spanking, or sending you to detention were all lessons in following the rules. Recess taught you physics, if you hit something it hurts, if you run into something, it hurts.  Why is it that all of these lessons are completely forgotten the moment people step into a car?

I honestly think modern cars are too complicated, they offer too many distractions. If I owned an insurance company, rich people would hate me. Your insurance rate would not be based off of the type of car you had, but rather what gadgets you had on it.  Automatic transmission, 10% increase, gps navigation 10% increase, LCD display screen an initial increase of 20% increasing 5% for every inch it is over 4 inches.  If you have blind spot detectors, or automatic breaking, automatic increase in insurance prices. Why would I do that, why would these things that are seemingly driver aids, safety features warrant an increase in insurance rates?  The answer is quite simple. They serve only to allow drivers to be further distracted behind the wheel.

Everyone knows when you get into a car, you should put on your seat belts,  so when it became mandatory that all cars have seat belts in them, one would think that fatal crashes went down, right? Wrong, the number went up. Why was that? Well simply because people though they were safer so they drove more recklessly. Every time a new gizmo or gadget is added to the car,  it distracts the driver from what they should be doing.  An automatic transmission for example, the driver no longer has to pay attention to the conditions around the car. They do not need to be thinking about how steep the hill is, or what gear do I need to be in. Naturally many people assume that this opens up the drivers mind to focus more on his surroundings, we know this not to be the case. It allows the driver to worry about what is on the radio, or what that last text message said.  It frees the driver up to think about more things other than driving.  The same with blind spot detection, the driver worries less about his surroundings because there is a computer to do it for him.  If you employ blind spot detection, or automatic breaking what you are implying is that you do not pay attention to the world around you, thus you are a hazard to everyone driving around you.  Because of this, if you purchase a car with these features you should have to pay more money in insurance due to your admitted lack of attentiveness while behind the wheel.

They are building cars with wifi now, WHY DO YOU NEED WIFI IN A CAR? You don’t, a car is for driving, you drive a car to get somewhere. And don’t go on about how “what about the passengers”, because I know for a fact that teenage girls will be using the wifi to check their twitter feeds, as if texting wasn’t bad enough. I can’t wait for the day when I see some guy driving down the road, surfing the web on his laptop. If you can’t go an hour without using some electronic gizmo to be attached to the world, you don’t need to be driving, you need mental help. You need to find someplace where they can convince you that it is okay not be connected 24/7.

If you can’t seem to figure out how to drive because checking your blind spots, or applying the breaks is too hard of a concept, I have an invention to solve that problem. It is called a bus.  You pay a small fee, sit down, and a nice person drives you to your destination.  You could also use what is called a cab, this is a more private option.

If it were up to me, texting and driving would be punishable by a permanent ban from owning a cell phone. The guilty party being forced to crush their cell phone on public television. Along with having to crush their car.  They would then have to ride a moped to work everyday, regardless of weather conditions. That or, you text and drive, you get thrown in front of a semi-truck.  I don’t know what the solution is, but I am tired of assholes and their God Damn cell phones.

The long and short of it, if you are one of those egotistical narcissistic pieces trash who texts while they are driving, stop ruining the driving experience for the rest of us. If you are not coordinated enough to drive, and have to have a billion different sensors so you don’t clip the garage as you back out of it in the morning, stop driving, ride the bus, get a friend to take you.  Stop ruining driving for the rest of us.

As I covered in my last posting, President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline. This actually came as sort of a surprise, because he promised he would veto it, and then he actually did.  This behavior is something unheard of from President Obama, promise something, then follow through on it. I mean “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, “if you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” come to mind. The oddities of the Keystone XL Pipeline do not end there. I would like to draw your attention towards another piece of legislation that came to President Obama’s desk. I would like to offer comparison between the two pieces of legislation, and perhaps together we can figure out how President Obama’s mind works.

Keystone XL Pipeline                                                                Obamacare

passed with bipartisan support                                                Passed without a single Republican vote
passed with 68% of the American Public supporting it            Passed with 50% of the public opposing it
Thoroughly debated for six years                                            Ramrodded through congress in one year.
Vetoed                                                                                      signed into law.

So President Obama is completely willing to sign a bill that the majority of Americans do not want, that lacks bipartisan support, after it was shoved down the American Peoples throats in little over a year. That he will sign into law.  So that is where Republicans went wrong. They thought that President Obama would be willing to govern within the consent of the people.  They thought that he was one part of a Representative Republic, which is meant to enact the will of the people.  I guess if they had just cobbled together a bill as quickly as they could, told Democrats to shut up and sit down, and forced it through congress, President Obama probably would have been willing to sign it into law.

President Obama is a thug, and will be remembered in history as a sad pathetic man incapable of enacting any positive changes in the country. His tenure in office has been marked by corruption, political division, and deepening racial divides.  His incompetence and complete unwillingness to compromise will be his legacy.  A sad chapter in American history.  A chapter which thankfully is almost over.

Well we all knew it would happen. With the Soft Spoken Tyrant of the Senate deposed, congress finally passed the long awaited bill authorizing the Keystone pipeline.  The bill passed with bipartisan support, with the majority of Americans supporting it. 68% of the American public believes that the Keystone Pipeline should be built.  Remember that number 68%, that is the majority of the American People.  This bill arrived on President Obama’s desk, one last hurdle, the President’s signature, and then the bill which has been tied up for so long would become law.  All President Obama would have to do is sign the bill, and it would open the doors to continued lower energy prices, and thousands of jobs.

Unfortunately, we all knew what the fate of the bill would be. We all knew that President Obama’s agenda would never allow for the will of the people to be implemented. The bill arrived on President Obama’s desk,  with 31 Democrats voting in support of the measure, 68% of the American public supporting the bill, and presented President Obama with a choice. He could start governing with the will of the people, or he could stand defiant and refuse to accept the new mandate from congress.  Guess which he chose.  Yup, President Obama Vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline bill.

To justify his vetoing this piece of legislation, which enjoyed bipartisan support, and the support of the majority of the American People, President Obama said, “The Presidential power to veto legislation is one I take seriously. But I also take seriously my responsibility to the American people. And because this act of Congress conflicts with established executive branch procedures and cuts short thorough consideration of issues that could bear on our national interest — including our security, safety, and environment — it has earned my veto.” When I read that, I about had a heart attack. This statement is even more delusional than President Obama’s normal statements.  It is almost like he thinks that the American People are the most ignorant creatures on the planet, that or he is completely oblivious to the world around him.

So President Obama said that he vetoed the bill “because this act of congress conflicts with established executive branch procedures.” Let me get this straight, President Obama vetoed a bill because it violated established procedures.  I am trying hard to understand this logic. Actually that is not true, I am trying hard to figure out whether I should collapse from laughter or  find a way to catch the blood squirting from my eyes.  President Obama, President Barack Obama, validated a veto because it violated established procedures. I honestly cannot tell if he thinks that this really can be classified as a valid reason.

A quick glance at President Obama’s track record will explain why I am having trouble digesting this validation for vetoing the bill. the following are just a few examples of President Obama changing established procedure. You know unilaterally altering laws to fit his agenda.

  •  Obamacare, as passed in March 2010, states in Section 1513(d) of the law provides that this employer mandate provision “shall apply to months beginning after December 31, 2013.”
    On July 2, 2013, without congressional authorization, President Obama pushed the employer mandate back to January of 2015.
  • According to Obamacare, as passed in March 2010,  “[n]otwithstanding any other provision of law … the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff shall be health plans that are” created under Obamacare or offered through an Obamacare exchange.
    President Obama stepped in, without approval from congress, and changed Obamacare to allow congress access to premium subsidies.  Of course, it should be pointed out that congress rejected that amendment when it was offered on the floor.
  •  November 14, 2013, President Obama announced that it would not enforce Obamacare’s requirements against insurers who offer “sub-par” or non-compliant plans.  He also told state exchanges not to enforce the law.
    President Obama threatened to veto any legislation legalizing this action.
  •  President Obama unilaterally changed Obamacare 21 other times without the congressional approval.
  • Article II of the United States Constitution outlines the powers of the executive branch, states  “The President shall have  Power to fill up all Vacancies that happen during the Recess of the Senate.”
    in January of 2012 President Obama made four appointments to the NLRB, after he unilaterally decided that the Senate was in recess. Unfortunately the Senate was not in recess at the time of the appointment, they were in what is known as pro-forma sessions.
  • President Obama granted 5.5 million work permits for illegal aliens, above and beyond those authorized by congress.

The above list is but a small portion of President Obama taking it upon himself to change “established procedure” because they did not fit his agenda, or would harm his political allies.  President Obama has absolutely no moral authority to veto a bill because it violates established executive procedures. He violates the Federal LAW any chance he gets.  Now suddenly he cares about respecting established procedures?  Really? He expect me to believe that.  Actually I suspect that he doesn’t expect me to be able to comprehend the words on the screen in front of me.

Now lets move on to the second half of President Obama’s reason to veto the Keystone XL Pipeline bill. In his statement President Obama said that the bill “cuts short thorough consideration of issues that could bear on our national interest — including our security, safety, and environment”. The bill cut short thorough consideration of issues… really? The Keystone XL Pipeline was first proposed in 2008, that is six years ago. For six years the pipeline has been debated and discussed.  How is that cutting short thorough consideration of the issues?  Maybe if Obamacare had been debated for six years it would not be the disaster that it is now.

What this all comes down to is President Obama blowing smoke. He knows that if he was honest about his beliefs, there would be even more public outrage.  President Obama vetoed this bill for two reasons. The first is that the Keystone XL pipeline would keep oil prices low, and that does not sit well with President Obama’s green agenda. He is alright with record high fuel prices, and energy prices, he said so when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. He has no desire to be linked at all to oil, or financially viable energy prices.  The second, is probably the biggest reason for the veto.  Passing the Keystone XL Pipeline would be a huge victory for Republicans who have been trying to get the bill passed for a very long time.  It was stonewalled in the Senate by Harry Reid, and with 2014 in the bag, it finally had a chance to see the light of day.  President Obama will not allow Republicans to have a victory. That is the plain and simple truth of the matter. He will sacrifice jobs, economic growth, as well as economic stability to ensure that Republicans are not allowed to advance any form of agenda.

With Harry Reid deposed, President Obama is now the chief obstructionist in the United States government. It is either his radical agenda, or nothing.  I have yet to hear any evidence that he is willing to do anything but veto legislation passed by the new congress. If you thought 2010-2014 was bad, strap yourself in, 2014-2016 promises to be wild. The government now has a productive House, a productive Senate, and an obstinate President who will not admit that elections have consequences.

Scott Walker is a progressives worst nightmare. They fear him, and they fear that he will be the GOP’s nominee in 2016. As I easily predicted, progressive are already trying their best to destroy Scott Walker. They have to ensure that he does not get past the primary, because he is one of the few GOP candidates who would easily defeat Hilary Clinton in 2016.   You can see their fear, in the way that they are going after him, the insane questions that they are asking him. You can also see why they are afraid of him, in the way that he responds to their desperate attacks.

After Mayor Giuliani made his comment about President Obama not loving America,  the media went after Scott Walker, trying to get him to slip up. Trying to make a huge media story out of his response, trying to end his campaign before it managed to get started.  The progressive media went about their typical game plan. They tried to force Governor Walker to reject and throw Giuliani under the bus. This divides the party, and opens the governor up to make gaffs, which will hurt him in the future. Governor Walker refused to take the bait, and refused to play their demented little game.

Governor Walker was asked by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel if Mayor Giuliani was out of line when he made his comments, he responded simply by saying no.  He then said, “I’ve said repeatedly that (Giuliani) can speak for himself. The president can defend that.” Eloquently handled. But wait, no gaff, no throwing Giuliani under the bus. This cannot be allowed, this is wrong, Scott Walker did not play ball like he is supposed to. Republicans are supposed to turn on their own when pushed by the Press.  He did not, he handled the question perfectly.  The mayor has an opinion, President Obama is free to defend himself from that opinion. End of story.  Simple, clean, and infuriating to progressives seeking to ensure a JEB Bush candidacy.

The follow up question, was obvious, they had to try to get Governor Walker to make a slip. They had to get their blood.  So they asked, “Do you think the President loves America?”

Governor Walker responded ” assume most people in this country love America. And to me I don’t think it’s worth getting into the battle over whether he does or he doesn’t. He can handle that himself. I know I do. And I know there are great people in this country who love this country and who … feel this country’s exceptional and it doesn’t necessarily align by party. I think there are Republicans and Democrats and plenty of people in between. I’ve never asked the president so I don’t really know what his opinions are on that one way or another”

Again a wonderful response.  He does not play the progressive’s game. He doesn’t begin fawning over President Obama, saying “Oh of course he does, he is a man dedicated to the country”, a move which would turn away the CRITICAL conservative vote.  He doesn’t make news by saying “nah, I think he is a commie”.  He put the issue to bed and moved on.    Of course, progressives don’t like that. I have seen on multiple pages their responses to this story, many starting with “he is an idiot”.

The the Washington Post tried more “gotcha” politics, tired to get Governor Walker to play their little game. They tried really hard to work him into a trap. They asked him whether or not he thought Barack Obama was a Christian.  The wording of the question was not published, but Governor Walker’s answer was.  Governor Walker replied “I’ve actually never talked about it or I haven’t read about that. I’ve never asked him that. You’ve asked me to make statements about people that I haven’t had a conversation with about that. How could I say if I know either of you are a Christian” An answer no reporter was ready for. That is not how Republicans are supposed to answer, they are supposed to crumble like leafs in the wind. They are supposed to denounce their vial past, and support the Democrat that they are being questioned about. Governor Walker didn’t. he did not crumble, and he did not walk into their little trap.

Governor Walker also made this statement, “Was it (Teamsters president) Jimmy Hoffa that ripped on the TEA party and called them unpatriotic, and the president was standing there and nobody asked him that? To me, it seems I’ve had multiple days of an incredible double standard. They don’t ask the president about people like Jimmy Hoffa, they don’t ask Hillary Clinton about others out there.”

The response Governor Walker gave to this atypical progressive hack job attempt at journalism highlight exactly why people like him. It demonstrates exactly how he was able to not only win the governor’s race in Wisconsin, survive a recall election, and then win reelection to the office.  He does not accept the distorted premise of the media’s question. He does not try to be liked by the media.  He says what he thinks and moves on.  This is something that comes from having principles, something that comes from believing in something.  This ability to defend against journalists, is only found in someone who is running on who they actually are, not who they want to be perceived as.

Traditional GOP candidates always fall to the press, hence why the fail to win the White House. They fall into the traps the press sets for them, primarily because their “conservative values” are a facade put on in order to win over who they feel are the parties degenerate base.  They want to be loved by the press, they want to be accepted.  They end up making mistakes trying to pretend to be a conservative, then they make mistakes trying to cover up for it.  They lose their creditability with conservatives, and thus lose the election.  JEB Bush is one such person. His moderate stance will ultimately be a handicap that leads to Hilary Clinton in the White House.

Scott Walker is a man who can win conservatives, and thus win the White House.   He has won three MAJOR elections in Wisconsin, the home of the progressive movement.  He won by articulating conservatives, and not bowing down to progressive thugs.  He can win the White House, and that is why the progressives fear him.

When the primary season comes, and you find yourself with a choice, ask yourself this. Do you want to cast your vote for a man who progressives fear, or do you want to vote for someone who progressives told you “is the only candidate who could beat Hilary”? Why would progressives tell conservatives who could win the Presidency? Maybe because that candidate is the easiest target.  Scott Walker would be a strong candidate, and would be able to crush Hilary Clinton. Something JEB Bush can only dream of doing.

I personally would much rather hear Scott Walker’s acceptance speech, than JEB Bush’s concession speech.

I have always wondered why it is that people who live in the mid-west are surprised every year when around the end of October the temperature starts getting colder, and it does not warm up until may.  I have never understood why so many people are caught off guard when this weird white stuff falls from they. They act as though it has never happened before.

They forget how to drive, it is like the concept of traction and stopping distance just disappears from their mind.  The white stuff falls, and all of a sudden the interstate either becomes a race track, or I become stuck behind some chump in a mini-van driving ten miles an hour, down a perfectly clear road.

Every year these same people complain about the bitter cold, surprised that it is possible for temperatures to dip so low.   They forget that the ground might be slippery, and fail to wear appropriate shoes for the weather.  They complain day in and day out about the bone chilling cold.  Every year, this mystical season manages to catch them completely by surprise.


I blame Al Gore, I think that people so believe the global warming hoax that they think that each winter will be the last that they have to deal with. Spring comes and they go, “Al Gore says there is global warming, well that will be the last time I have to worry about the cold”.   I cannot think of any other reason for people to be perpetually surprised by the arrival of winter.

I mean it is not like we change when it is going to happen. A group of people don’t get together and say “Hey, you know what we should do to really mess with those mid-westerners, lets put winter in July this year.” Nope pretty much every year you can be assured that at least form November through March will be cold, and have this weird substance called snow.  You shouldn’t probably plan any pool parties in October or April. There is a good possibility that it will be cold in those months as well.

So this is a public service announcement.

Dear People of The Midwest, winter happens every year. Every year it gets cold and snows.  Please be advised that this does not happen in Florida. It is legal to move south any time you want.  Please if the cold bothers you, or you find yourself being perpetually surprised by winter’s arrival,  please move south.

That is all.

Every time I go near a TV and hear democrats and progressive pundits talk about how the GOP needs to nominate a man like JEB Bush for 2016, my blood begins to boil. I am tired of hearing about how “he is the one who can win the moderates”, or “you have to win the independent vote”, or “the others are just to radical for moderate America”.  I am tired of hearing about these sacred moderates.

I do commend these progressive saboteurs they are very ingenious. If only they would devote the portion of their mind that works on undermining the Republican Party to solving economic crisis, we would not be where we are now.  A little math with a dash of history would go a long way with them.   In all honesty though they are ingenious, they have the GOP Establishment so afraid of losing, so afraid of being called a racists, so afraid of being called a radical that they actually try to win political elections with a minority.   The Democrat party and their progressive puppets have actually managed to convince the GOP that the only way to win elections is to forsake their majority, and instead nominate a candidate that only appeals to a a minority of the countries population.

Now I am sure many of you are scratching your heads, “what is this lunatic talking about. Conservatives are a fringe minority”. Well actually that is not the case. According to Gallup Polls ever sense 2009 conservatives have made up the largest portion of the population.  in 2013 38% of the population identified as conservative, 34% identified as moderate, and only 23% identified as liberal.  So why would the small minority tell the conservative majority that it needs to go after the moderates? Why should the conservative majority be told to change its views so as not to insult the moderates? Shouldn’t the liberal minority be the ones changing?

Now of course progressive zealots, and those they have brain washed, will be quick to point out that conservatives do not out number moderates by that much, only 4%. I will commend them for that, 38-34 is in fact four. That complex arithmetic often escapes the minds of progressives.  Shouldn’t the GOP try to win over those moderates before the Democrats do?  With 34% of the population up for grab, doesn’t that make sense?  If you look more closely at the numbers, the answer is no.

The big reason for a lot of the recent shifts in political ideology does not come from people switching parties, but rather from people within parties changing their ideological beliefs.  Democrats have become much more liberal sense 2009.  Republicans have become much more conservative, as have independents. In 2012 the number of independents identifying as conservatives climbed to 35%,  and the number of Republicans identifying themselves as conservatives stands at 70%.  So tell me, how would the GOP be better served by nominating someone who attracts moderates?

Moderate democrats will never vote for a republican. Conservative Republicans stay home when a moderate wins the nomination. We saw that in 2012 with Mitt Romney.  That leaves the independents.  Why should 35% of the independent voters in this country vote for a moderate Republican over a Democrat? The media makes sure to smear the GOP every chance they get, teachers tell kids of the evil Republicans, their war against the GOP has lead to public distrust. So why again would the independent voter vote for a moderate Republican? They have no reason too.

If the GOP wants to win the White House in 2016 they have to nominate a REAL conservative candidate. Someone who will draw a sharp contrast against Hilary Clinton. We cannot run a “democrat light” candidate and hope to win.  The path to the White House runs through conservative America.  If the Democrats can convince the GOP to piss off the conservative base, and nominate a moderate chump, they win. If the GOP nominates a conservative, then they win.  Nominate a JEB Bush and say “hello President Hilary”.

Don’t let Democrats choose the GOP Nominee anymore. Support True Conservatives, or switch parties.

Whether we are ready for it or not, the 2016 presidential election is underway.  We already have a field of candidates shaping up on the GOP side, and it can be all but assumed that Hilary Clinton is going to be the Democrat candidate.  2016 is a big year, 2014 saw the end of President Obama’s agenda, he has next to no ability to move legislation through congress.  As President Obama has said in the past, elections have consequences, 2014’s consequences were a welcomed end to his radical agenda.

2016 is a much more important election, we have suffered through six years of mediocrity and incompetency. For six years we have had to listen as President Obama rips this country apart, dividing this nation by race, gender, religion, and station.  We have suffered under his failed trickle down economic theory.  We have seen labor participation plummet to levels not seen sense the 70’s. We have been forced to endure a constantly decreasing medium house hold income.  We have been forced to accept reduction in hours, being shifted from part time to full time, because of his radical and dangerous overhaul of the health care system.  We have suffered for six years.  The final years of President Obama’s tenure in the White House are not going to see anything change for the better.

President Obama has shown that he is not willing to work with congress. Every piece of legislation they have proposed, he has threatened to veto. No meaningful legislation will pass congress, so long as President Obama remains in office.  Well, that is not entirely true, President Obama will sign a bill, so long as it is one that fits his twisted definition of “compromise”.  Of course we all know that when President Obama says people have to compromise what he is actually saying is “Your going to give me exactly what I want, when I want it.  I am the President, you will do as you are told. If you don’t I’ll call you a radical. I might even label you as a bigot”.    The GOP’s job for the reminder of President Obama’s tenure in office is to ensure that his agenda does not advance. They must halt the progressive train wreak. Stop the bleeding.

With the realization that no real relief from the failed Obama agenda will be viable until the end of 2016, it becomes very apparent how critical the next election is.  If Hilary Clinton were to win the White House, our nation will be force to endure yet another four years of tried and failed progressive voodoo and witchcraft…. I mean…. economic policy.  Does anyone, other than progressive zealots, really think that another four years of this dismal mediocrity is actually survivable?

So with the importance of 2016 firmly understood, the importance of the GOP nominee should become equally clear.  The Republican Party must present a viable candidate. Someone who can articulate the principles of conservatism, someone who can inspire the political base, someone who can go toe to toe with Hilary Clinton and win.  The upcoming primary season could not be any more important.

The radical left is not ignorant. They understand the importance of 2016 as well. They are fighting for their vary survival. Progressives exists like parasites, thriving in the shadows. Once exposed they quickly wither and die.  Under the leadership of Barack Obama they have exposed themselves for the radicals that they truly are, and the public has started to fight back.   President Obama brought them so close, so close to achieving their goal of setting up a socialist state in the United States of America.  President Obama’s presidency was meant to bring about the end individualism, and bring about the collective.  Thanks to the TEA Party in 2010, and the pure vial corruption and incompetence of President Obama in 2014, this assault on liberty was halted.  A conservative President, a President who believes in the rule of law, a President who believes in facts, a President who lives in the real world, could undo the damage that President Obama has done.  Progressives will do anything in their power to prevent this from happening.

Progressives are like snakes in the garden. They infiltrate and corrupt. We saw this in 2008, when all the progressive pundits came out and said that John McCain was the only one who could the White House. His history of reaching a crossed the aisle would appeal to the moderates. We had to choose him, because the country was tired of evil conservatives.  So, the GOP Establishment made sure that McCain got the money, he won the nomination, and I can remember vividly his inaugural address…. wait no he lost the 2008 Presidential election.

2008 was a bad year for the Republic. Democrats had super majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. President Obama was riding high on his radical progressive agenda.  He pushed the porkulus bill through, a piece of legislation that wasted 787 billion dollars. A piece of legislation that took our deficit from $459,000,000,000 up to $1,400,000,000,000. The deficit did not drop below the one trillion dollar mark until sequestration. They set up the down fall of our health care system, remember without a single GOP vote. They stole GM from the stock holders, violated the law making whole union contracts at the expenses of bond holders.

2010, brought about change, a grass roots movement that was made of of people who were Taxed Enough Already, said no. Conservatives retook the House of Representatives, despite the progressive movements best efforts to label this group of common middle class Americans as radical racists bigots.  Its funny, I hear progressives mocking the TEA Party, and all I can think is that the pot is calling the kettle black.

2010 should have been the launching pad for greatness. It gave the GOP a clear majority, an energized base, and most importantly a way to stop President Obama.  For some reason though it wasn’t.  For some reason the GOP choose to abandon the success of 2010, in favor of adapting the 2008 model.

I remember watching the news, listening to men like Bob Beckel championing Mitt Romney.  I remember listening to Juan Williams talking about how he was the only one who could win the White House. I remember listening to Democrats telling Republicans how to win elections.  I remember sitting on my couch and swearing at the television at the stupidity of people who claim to be “conservative”, when they through their support behind Mitt Romney. All of these political cowards cited the same for supporting Mitt Romney “he could win the moderates”.

It drives me nuts, all I ever hear is how the GOP has to moderate, they have to become more progressive, conservatives scare the moderates. I have never once heard someone tell a Democrat “hey, your too radical, your ideas about confiscating people retirement are just too radical, you’ll scare off the moderates.” No, that is never said.  The most dangerous radical progressive never offends a moderate. Only conservatives do that.  Taxing college savings, nationalizing healthcare, confiscation of personal property, taxing health care benefits, taxing retirement savings, those are all fine, but by God letting people keep the money they earn that is just crazy talk.  Not spending money we don’t have, WHOA back up that crazy train.

The 2016 Republican field is already shaping up, and already I can see the progressives positioning themselves to repeat their performance from 2008 and 2012. Already I see the same people who pushed Mitt Romney in 2012 pushing for JEB Bush. Already I see the same people that told us that Mitt Romney was the only one who could win in 2012, attacking viable conservative candidates. In all honesty, I have not been posting as much lately, because it is getting hard to be surprised, I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record.   Every election cycle they play the same game, and every election cycle the moronic GOP establishment falls for it.

I have already heard several stories from people talking about how “Scott Walker is too radical to win the White House”.  They talk about how his record will only serve to irritate and scare off the moderate vote. Of course, these jackals are hoping that the American Public is made up entirely of imbeciles. They would have to be, considering what Scott Walker has been able to do.  Scott Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin in 2010, in Wisconsin birth place of the progressive movement, mecca of Unions. He was a pilgrim to an unholy land (no offense to people in Wisconsin).  He took on the public labor unions and won. The progressives tried to push him out, and brought about a recall election, which he easily defeated.  He then won Reelection in 2014. The man has run on solid conservative principles, and won big in a blue state. More importantly he has done this without selling real conservatives down the river (Chris Christie).

So listen up conservatives, if you want to end the suffering that has been brought on this country by six years of failed radical progressivism, the path is clear. Hilary Clinton cannot become President.  The only way to stop her from winning the White House is to ensure that a TRUE Conservative wins the nomination. A JEB Bush candidacy will only ensure a Hilary Presidency.  We must stop the Establishment from shoving another moderate punching bag down our throats. It is time to take action conservatives.

Do not sit silently by, do not let progressive’s dictate who the GOP nominee will be. Stand up, fight back. Call them out wherever they spread their filth. Build up conservatives, and crush the establishment’s moderate of choice. I wouldn’t even donate money to the GOP, send your money to freedom works, and other conservative organizations. Do not donate to the GOP until the nomination is over with.  We, the PEOPLE, the heart of the country have to take back the GOP, then we will liberate the country from the tyranny of backwards progressive ideology.

Supporting JEB Bush in the Primary is voting for Hilary. Belittling actually viable conservative candidates like Scott Walker, is voting for Hilary. Choose your side.  You can stand with Presidential success stories like John McCain, and Mitt Romney, or you can stand on the side of victory.  The choice is yours.