Nominate A Conservative

Every time I go near a TV and hear democrats and progressive pundits talk about how the GOP needs to nominate a man like JEB Bush for 2016, my blood begins to boil. I am tired of hearing about how “he is the one who can win the moderates”, or “you have to win the independent vote”, or “the others are just to radical for moderate America”.  I am tired of hearing about these sacred moderates.

I do commend these progressive saboteurs they are very ingenious. If only they would devote the portion of their mind that works on undermining the Republican Party to solving economic crisis, we would not be where we are now.  A little math with a dash of history would go a long way with them.   In all honesty though they are ingenious, they have the GOP Establishment so afraid of losing, so afraid of being called a racists, so afraid of being called a radical that they actually try to win political elections with a minority.   The Democrat party and their progressive puppets have actually managed to convince the GOP that the only way to win elections is to forsake their majority, and instead nominate a candidate that only appeals to a a minority of the countries population.

Now I am sure many of you are scratching your heads, “what is this lunatic talking about. Conservatives are a fringe minority”. Well actually that is not the case. According to Gallup Polls ever sense 2009 conservatives have made up the largest portion of the population.  in 2013 38% of the population identified as conservative, 34% identified as moderate, and only 23% identified as liberal.  So why would the small minority tell the conservative majority that it needs to go after the moderates? Why should the conservative majority be told to change its views so as not to insult the moderates? Shouldn’t the liberal minority be the ones changing?

Now of course progressive zealots, and those they have brain washed, will be quick to point out that conservatives do not out number moderates by that much, only 4%. I will commend them for that, 38-34 is in fact four. That complex arithmetic often escapes the minds of progressives.  Shouldn’t the GOP try to win over those moderates before the Democrats do?  With 34% of the population up for grab, doesn’t that make sense?  If you look more closely at the numbers, the answer is no.

The big reason for a lot of the recent shifts in political ideology does not come from people switching parties, but rather from people within parties changing their ideological beliefs.  Democrats have become much more liberal sense 2009.  Republicans have become much more conservative, as have independents. In 2012 the number of independents identifying as conservatives climbed to 35%,  and the number of Republicans identifying themselves as conservatives stands at 70%.  So tell me, how would the GOP be better served by nominating someone who attracts moderates?

Moderate democrats will never vote for a republican. Conservative Republicans stay home when a moderate wins the nomination. We saw that in 2012 with Mitt Romney.  That leaves the independents.  Why should 35% of the independent voters in this country vote for a moderate Republican over a Democrat? The media makes sure to smear the GOP every chance they get, teachers tell kids of the evil Republicans, their war against the GOP has lead to public distrust. So why again would the independent voter vote for a moderate Republican? They have no reason too.

If the GOP wants to win the White House in 2016 they have to nominate a REAL conservative candidate. Someone who will draw a sharp contrast against Hilary Clinton. We cannot run a “democrat light” candidate and hope to win.  The path to the White House runs through conservative America.  If the Democrats can convince the GOP to piss off the conservative base, and nominate a moderate chump, they win. If the GOP nominates a conservative, then they win.  Nominate a JEB Bush and say “hello President Hilary”.

Don’t let Democrats choose the GOP Nominee anymore. Support True Conservatives, or switch parties.


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