The Curious Case of The Keystone XL Pipeline

As I covered in my last posting, President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline. This actually came as sort of a surprise, because he promised he would veto it, and then he actually did.  This behavior is something unheard of from President Obama, promise something, then follow through on it. I mean “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, “if you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” come to mind. The oddities of the Keystone XL Pipeline do not end there. I would like to draw your attention towards another piece of legislation that came to President Obama’s desk. I would like to offer comparison between the two pieces of legislation, and perhaps together we can figure out how President Obama’s mind works.

Keystone XL Pipeline                                                                Obamacare

passed with bipartisan support                                                Passed without a single Republican vote
passed with 68% of the American Public supporting it            Passed with 50% of the public opposing it
Thoroughly debated for six years                                            Ramrodded through congress in one year.
Vetoed                                                                                      signed into law.

So President Obama is completely willing to sign a bill that the majority of Americans do not want, that lacks bipartisan support, after it was shoved down the American Peoples throats in little over a year. That he will sign into law.  So that is where Republicans went wrong. They thought that President Obama would be willing to govern within the consent of the people.  They thought that he was one part of a Representative Republic, which is meant to enact the will of the people.  I guess if they had just cobbled together a bill as quickly as they could, told Democrats to shut up and sit down, and forced it through congress, President Obama probably would have been willing to sign it into law.

President Obama is a thug, and will be remembered in history as a sad pathetic man incapable of enacting any positive changes in the country. His tenure in office has been marked by corruption, political division, and deepening racial divides.  His incompetence and complete unwillingness to compromise will be his legacy.  A sad chapter in American history.  A chapter which thankfully is almost over.


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