I am going to take a second, and step away from the world of politics here for a moment, to address something that has been concerning me for a very long time.  Why is it that people seem to be completely incapable of operating  a motor vehicle? It really is not that hard. There are lines on the road that tell you where you can go, there are signs on the side of the road that tell you what you can do, and don’t hit anything.  How hard is that, stay inside the lines, follow the rules, and don’t hit anything. From the moment we are born our driving training begins.

Think about it, everything in your childhood was preparing you to drive.  Coloring books, teach you motor control and to of course stay inside the lines. You parents, and teachers, grounding, spanking, or sending you to detention were all lessons in following the rules. Recess taught you physics, if you hit something it hurts, if you run into something, it hurts.  Why is it that all of these lessons are completely forgotten the moment people step into a car?

I honestly think modern cars are too complicated, they offer too many distractions. If I owned an insurance company, rich people would hate me. Your insurance rate would not be based off of the type of car you had, but rather what gadgets you had on it.  Automatic transmission, 10% increase, gps navigation 10% increase, LCD display screen an initial increase of 20% increasing 5% for every inch it is over 4 inches.  If you have blind spot detectors, or automatic breaking, automatic increase in insurance prices. Why would I do that, why would these things that are seemingly driver aids, safety features warrant an increase in insurance rates?  The answer is quite simple. They serve only to allow drivers to be further distracted behind the wheel.

Everyone knows when you get into a car, you should put on your seat belts,  so when it became mandatory that all cars have seat belts in them, one would think that fatal crashes went down, right? Wrong, the number went up. Why was that? Well simply because people though they were safer so they drove more recklessly. Every time a new gizmo or gadget is added to the car,  it distracts the driver from what they should be doing.  An automatic transmission for example, the driver no longer has to pay attention to the conditions around the car. They do not need to be thinking about how steep the hill is, or what gear do I need to be in. Naturally many people assume that this opens up the drivers mind to focus more on his surroundings, we know this not to be the case. It allows the driver to worry about what is on the radio, or what that last text message said.  It frees the driver up to think about more things other than driving.  The same with blind spot detection, the driver worries less about his surroundings because there is a computer to do it for him.  If you employ blind spot detection, or automatic breaking what you are implying is that you do not pay attention to the world around you, thus you are a hazard to everyone driving around you.  Because of this, if you purchase a car with these features you should have to pay more money in insurance due to your admitted lack of attentiveness while behind the wheel.

They are building cars with wifi now, WHY DO YOU NEED WIFI IN A CAR? You don’t, a car is for driving, you drive a car to get somewhere. And don’t go on about how “what about the passengers”, because I know for a fact that teenage girls will be using the wifi to check their twitter feeds, as if texting wasn’t bad enough. I can’t wait for the day when I see some guy driving down the road, surfing the web on his laptop. If you can’t go an hour without using some electronic gizmo to be attached to the world, you don’t need to be driving, you need mental help. You need to find someplace where they can convince you that it is okay not be connected 24/7.

If you can’t seem to figure out how to drive because checking your blind spots, or applying the breaks is too hard of a concept, I have an invention to solve that problem. It is called a bus.  You pay a small fee, sit down, and a nice person drives you to your destination.  You could also use what is called a cab, this is a more private option.

If it were up to me, texting and driving would be punishable by a permanent ban from owning a cell phone. The guilty party being forced to crush their cell phone on public television. Along with having to crush their car.  They would then have to ride a moped to work everyday, regardless of weather conditions. That or, you text and drive, you get thrown in front of a semi-truck.  I don’t know what the solution is, but I am tired of assholes and their God Damn cell phones.

The long and short of it, if you are one of those egotistical narcissistic pieces trash who texts while they are driving, stop ruining the driving experience for the rest of us. If you are not coordinated enough to drive, and have to have a billion different sensors so you don’t clip the garage as you back out of it in the morning, stop driving, ride the bus, get a friend to take you.  Stop ruining driving for the rest of us.


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