Ted Cruz and 2016

The Cruz has set sail.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced Monday that he is officially running for President of the United States.  This was met with cheers from conservatives, and predictably nothing but outrage and mockery from the progressives in the GOP Establishment, the Democrat Party, and of course in the media.  What should we take away from this announcement, what should we expect going forward, and does Ted Cruz have what it takes to win the White House.

To begin, Ted Cruz made a phenomenal speech to launch his Presidential bid. He delivered an impassioned speech, that fired up the crowd. He spoke from the heart, and delivered a speech devoid of stuttering or losing his place. He did all of this without the use of a teleprompter. Why is this important, why does his ability to speak so eloquently without the use of a prompter so important? There are several reasons. Primarily it shows us that Ted Cruz is not just up there regurgitating some speech mathematically designed to appeal to all sides.  His ability to articulate his thoughts and beliefs without a prompter shows us that he is speaking from the heart, he is saying what he actually believes.  He has a firm grasp on the issues, and knows just how he feels about them. This is hugely important in the up coming blood bath in 2016. Ted Cruz has shown that he is able to articulate his view points without the use a prompter, which means that he actually understands them. He is not just blowing smoke, he is not the product of a hundred different consultants forging a view point.  He is far less likely to slip, make a mistake, to open himself up to controversy. A clear example would be the last GOP nominee, I believe he was the establishment candidate, Mitt Romney, and his 47% remark. Yes it was taken out of context, but it doesn’t matter it hurt him in the polls and allowed Barack Obama another four years to implement his radical agenda.

Its funny though, I do like how the media has responded to Ted Cruz’s speech, pure and utter shock.  No man is supposed to be able to speak that long, that fluently, and do so without a prompter.  Perhaps they are worried because his mastery of the English language and understanding of his conservative views will not make him gaff prone as the “front runner” Jeb Bush.  Or maybe the reason they are so worried is that Ted Cruz is actually a fantastic speaker, he is what President Obama pretends to be. He can actually deliver an exciting and impassioned speech, not just read one.  (Of course I could easily see this as becoming an progressive argument against the Senator. I could see them arguing that Ted Cruz is so stupid he can’t read.

Progressives are worried about Ted Cruz running for President, they know that he is a real threat to Hilary Clinton’s candidacy. Establishment Republicans do not want Ted Cruz to win, because it would spell the end of their iron clad grip on the party.  JEB Bush is a party man, he is the guy who will tow the party line, he won’t threaten the GOP’s spineless lilly-livered idealogy that delivered President Obama the Presidency in both 2008 and 2012.

When people like Peter King are mocking Ted Cruz, you know he is a viable candidate.  When progressives push Jeb Bush and call Ted Cruz and second tier candidate, you know he is the one that they do not want to run.  Ted Cruz can unite the GOP, Ted Cruz can articulate the concepts of Conservationism, Ted Cruz can win the Presidency. The first viable candidate has entered the 2016 race.

Because of this, Ted Cruz will have his family destroyed, his reputation assaulted, and of course he will be portrayed as a moron. They will try and make a big deal out of the fact that, while he is a natural born US Citizen, he was not born in the United States. They will ignore that both of his Parents are United States Citizens, thus making him a natural born US Citizen eligible to run for the office of President of the United States. Of course, they could just be attacking him because he is of Hispanic decent. I know Whoopi Goldberg has already made incendiary remarks towards that end. They will also point out that he has only been in the Senate a Senator for a short time, and has no real executive experience. Ironic, everything that disqualifies Ted Cruz, they once served as qualifications for Barack Obama.

Of course there are differences between two.  Ted Cruz for example has done more in his short time in the Senate that President Obama. During his time in the Senate President Obama missed 24.2% of the votes, by contrast Senator Ted Cruz has only missed 8.2%. Senator Cruz appears proud of his academic success at Harvard, while we are not allowed to know about President Obama’s. Ted Cruz does not have a record of voting “Present” in order to avoid difficult issues.

Ultimately the greatest sign that Ted Cruz is a viable presidential candidate is the fact that the media is trying to brush him off.  They do not want him to win the nomination because they know that he can unite the Conservative Base of the GOP, inspire them to turn out in big numbers, and ultimately win the White House.  People who want Jeb Bush to run, will vote for Cruz just because he is the GOP nominee.

Ted Cruz, 2016, a real possibility.


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