Trouble For 2016 Democrat Front Runner…. Well….

A storm is brewing, and only viable candidate the Democrat Party has for 2016, Hilary Clinton, is running out of ports to hide in. As we should all be aware of by now, while serving as Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton felt herself above everyone else in the State Department, and did not really think that the rules applied to her, so she had her own emails on her own email server.  Well this scandal now threatens to bring and end to the former Secretary of State’s presidential aspirations.

As we are well aware, Hilary Clinton is neck deep in the scandal involving the September 11 terrorist attacks in Benghazi. In case you are not, on September 11, 2012 the United States consulate in Benghazi Libya fell victim to an organized terrorist assault.  September 12, 2012, the State Department set about lying to the American People claiming that it was a spontaneous protest about some video that no one had seen, that went wrong. You know because every spontaneous protest has RPG’s and trained military precision. The United States Ambassador was killed, as well as three other brave Americans who fought to defend the consulate. There was a call for air support, one that never came. These people were left to die.  The Obama Administration moved quickly to cover up the scandal, so that President Obama could continue to claim terrorism was dead and Al Qaeda was on the run.

The Benghazi cover up though is not what this post is about. I am not hear to rehash the debate about Benghazi, progressives think that it is a witch hunt, conservatives want to know who pushed the cover up story.  I am not here to talk about that, I am here to talk about the rule of law, and how Hilary Clinton continues to think that she is above it.  The law is the law, and no one is above it. That is what I am here to discuss. That is the purpose of this post.

Representative Trey Gowdy, Chairman for the House Select Committee on Benghazi, issued a subpena for Hilary Clinton’s private server, stating “Without access to Secretary Clinton’s personal server, there is no way for the State Department to know it has acquired all documents that should be made public, and given State’s delay in disclosing the fact Secretary Clinton exclusively used personal email to conduct State business, there is no way to accept State’s or Secretary Clinton’s certification she has turned over all documents that rightfully belong to the American people.” Representative Gowdy then stated, “That is why I see no choice but for Secretary Clinton to turn her server over to a neutral, detached third-party arbiter who can determine which documents should be public and which should remain private. Secretary Clinton alone created this predicament, but she alone does not get to determine its outcome.”

Representative Gowdy is right.  Secretary Clinton acted outside the regularly established rules, and took it upon herself to create a private server. Lets all be honest with one another, there can be no doubt that she did this to protect herself politically.  Whether you think she was allowed to or not, that was the real reason behind it.  She created this scandal, and she must face the consequences. She is not above the law.

So on March 4th, 2015 a subpena was issued for all of Secretary Clinton’s emails from her personal server. As we all know the scandal ridden Obama Administration always drags its feet in regards to fulfilling subpenas or freedom of information act request. Secretary Clinton is no different. She filed a two week extension which pushed the deadline for her to turn over the emails from March 13th, to March 27.

Well the big day has come and gone, March 27th, 2015, Hilary Clinton’s day of reckoning. Trey Gowdy had this to say about the situation, “We learned today, from her attorney, Secretary Clinton unilaterally decided to wipe her server clean and permanently delete all emails from her personal server”.  Yup, former Secretary Clinton wiped her server clean. She felt that she alone had the power to determine what was a personal email, and what was a mater of public record. She ensured that she could not be held to account for what was on that server. She made sure that no one would be able to act as a check against her rampant corruption.

The problem now is that Hilary Clinton has destroyed the evidence. She has destroyed that history, that knowledge. The evidence that could have proved that she was innocent of the charges filed against her. Or the evidence that would have proved her negligence in the months leading up to the Benghazi Terrorist Attack, as well as her role in the cover up.  She could be guilty of destroying information that is a matter of public record. We will never know, because she deleted it. All we have to go off of is Mrs. Clinton’s word that she handed over all of her “work related” emails.  Would you trust George Bush if he said he turned over all the emails? Even Nixon eventually handed over the taps, but Hilary can’t she destroyed them. What does that say about Mrs. Clinton?

I really wish I could say that I am surprised, but I’m not, and I am really getting tired of having to say that.  Every scandal to come out of the Obama Administration is met by some administration official stonewalling the investigation, or a horrible accident resulting in the lose of electronically stored information.  This is just par for the course, for the most corrupt administration in American History.

I do not understand why people are not more upset about the mater.  I do not understand why Democrats are not enraged that their front runner, their only hope for the White House in 2016, has betrayed them.  Why are news crews not hounding her, demanding to know where the emails are? Why are reporters not demanding to know why she cleared the server? Why is she not facing criminal charges? Any rational individual knows that main stream media is biased towards the Democrat Party, it is not some big secret. Now progressives will try and act as though the bias doesn’t exist, and the only biased news network is Fox. In reality though, the truth is very obvious, and this case proves it.  The fact that the media barely covered the Benghazi story when it first broke, the fact that they did not let the fact that President Obama’s Administration lied about the attack see the light of day, and the fact that they are not camped out in front of Secretary Clinton’s house proves it.

If this had been a Republican, if Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, or Trey Gowdy had done this, the media would be all over them. They would not get a moments rest. The media would make sure the public knew about the criminal action, and would have been an active force in demanding the truth. RIGHTLY SO! That is how it should be. The media should be critical of government officials, they should question them, and their intentions. But for some reason, they never question progressives when they break the law.

So I guess I was wrong when I said that Hilary Clinton was in trouble. The media will do nothing to push the story, in fact they will rally to Mrs. Clinton’s defense, and claim this to be a witch hunt.  She will be given a free pass, after all she is a Clinton, the law does not apply to them.  We have suffered through six years of a President who acts as though he is above the law.  Do you really want a President who destroys evidence, who denies the American Public access to the truth?  Do we really need a President who believes herself to be above the rule of law?

You can disagree with me on my political beliefs, that is fine, in fact hardy debate only serves to make us stronger. But there can be no debating that what Secretary Clinton did was wrong, and had she been a Republican would have automatically disqualified her from ever being President.


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