Hillary Clinton 2016? Who knew?

Well surprise surprise, Sunday April 12, 2015 Hillary Clinton announced that she was running for President.  I knew that I would be writing about this announcement August 28th, 2008, when Barack Obama stole the primary out from underneath Mrs. Clinton’s nose.  Honestly is anyone really surprised?

Unlike 2008, former Secretary Clinton is starting from much stronger political ground. Right? I mean she has to be, doesn’t she? Well unlike the last time she ran, she now has the opportunity to campaign not only on her career as a Senator, but now she has foreign policy experience. I mean serving as the Secretary of State for President Barack Obama has to count for something right? I mean surely Mrs. Clinton’s experience has made her a stronger candidate.

Well I am looking forward to hearing her campaign on her record, I really am.  I can’t wait to see the campaign ads where she says “at this point what difference does it make”.  I am really looking forward to her justifying her part in the Benghazi terrorist attack, and the subsequent cover up.  I am really looking forward to her justifying her personal email server.  I mean honestly I am stoked to hear Hillary Clinton explain why she thought she was above the law, and thus was allowed to use a personal server, while everyone else in the government uses a government email. Hell I am excited to hear her justify destroying subpenaed evidence.  I mean even Nixon turned over the tapes.

I know that the feminist crowd is ecstatic about her campaign, the first female president. I can already see them gearing up their “Republicans hate women” campaign. I can already see the “Republicans don’t want women to get equal pay for equal work” (even though the great President Obama himself is guilty of this). I cannot wait to see Secretary Clinton stand up in front of the American People and campaign for women’s rights, while taking money from countries whose women live in the stone age. I can’t wait to see her advertisements funded by the Clinton Foundation paid for by countries that view women as property. Of course the feminists will remain silent on this, and anyone mentioning it will be labeled a sexists, bigot, and probably be accused of being homophobic.

I honestly feel sorry for the Democrat Party, I really do.  The best they have to offer so far appears to be Hilary Clinton. A woman whose scandal ridden record serves as hope for President Obama that he will not be remembered by history as the most corrupt American Politician. I look forward to covering the expanding 2016 Presidential race.

Hilary Clinton, the Democrats last best hope has entered the race.


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