Marco Rubio 2016

The GOP Establishment has its first candidate in the 2016 Race.  Marco Rubio a one time TEA Party darling has entered the 2016 Presidential election. There was a time when I would have been extremely excited to see Senator Rubio run for President, but to be honest, that is no longer the case.  Senator Rubio has allowed himself to be twisted and used by the Washington machine, and has lost a lot of the creditability he once enjoyed.

Senator Rubio has a lot going for him. He is young, energetic, and most likely will be facing a political dinosaur in Hilary Clinton. However, there is just something about him that worries me. I do not fully trust Marco Rubio.  Part of it comes from his participation in the Gang of 8 Immigration Bill.  He sold out conservatives when he started pushing for a comprehensive bill that did nothing to control the border.  He caved to pressures from the progressives, and crumbled just as the Establishment crumbles when faced with potentially damaging political decisions. Well, when I say potential I mean the Democrats tell them that the public will be upset. Well, when I say the public will be upset, I mean the Democrats tell the GOP to ignore its political base, and screw over their chances of ever being a serious contender in the world of politics.  Rubio did eventually remove his support for the bill, but it has left a foul taste in my mouth about the creditability of the Senator.

Senator Ted Cruz stood his ground when he took on Obamacare Funding.  He took the political fall out, defending his beliefs and fighting for the American People.

Senator Rand Paul stood his ground when he took on the Obama Administration and their illegal drone strikes. He took the beating form his party and political pundits, while defending the rights and liberties of the American People.

Governor Scott Walker pushed through Collective Bargaining Reform in Wisconsin, despite the political fall out. He stood up to unions who held what almost amounted to riots in the State House. He stared down a State Legislature that fled the state to avoid the vote.  He stood his ground with the full power of the SEIU, Democrat Party, and Main Stream Media bearing down on him.

Senator Marco Rubio when faced with the pressure of making a deal on immigration reform, crumbled to demands and pressure from the Democrats and the media. If Senator Rubio cannot stand up to Senate Democrats, how can we expect him to stand up to Iran?

Now I do have to say that Senator Rubio entering the race is not a bad thing.  For one, he is a much better choice than Jeb Bush could ever be.  More importantly, his candidacy will pull votes away from Bush and hopefully will ensure that GOP Establishment cannot sabotage yet another election.  Hopefully by entering the race Senator Rubio will take enough votes from  Jeb Bush to ensure that he does not win the nomination.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, Jeb Bush will be nothing but cannon fodder for Hilary Clinton.

Senator Rubio is the first “establishment” candidate to enter the 2016 race.  If you want a good comparison, think back to 2008.  There was John McCain the big name, the experienced leader, the man the establishment was gushing over. Then there was Mitt Romney, the palatable establishment alternative.  Romney was not a valid candidate, but he was far more palatable than John McCain.  Marco Rubio is Mitt Romney,  Jeb Bush is John McCain.

The pundits are excited that Rubio has entered the race, which means to me, that he does not stand much of a chance.  Had he not been tied up in the immigration fiasco this announcement would have excited me.  Anyway, Marco Rubio has entered the fray.


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