Taming the Beast, A Huge Victory for Congress

It is no secret that President Obama does not believe that he has to go to congress for anything. Congressional approval is a formality to him, it is nice to have, but not really important. The dethroned tyrant of the Senate, Harry Reid, created an environment that allowed President Obama to amass great power in the Executive Branch, under the guise of standing up for America when the House of Representatives would not act (ignoring of course the 300 some bills that Harry Reid would not allow to come to the floor for a vote in the Senate). Tuesday Congress reached a deal that will begin to tame the ravenous beast that is the Obama Administration.

We have all heard about President Obama’s desperate attempt to create a legacy item by striking a nuclear deal with Iran.  This deal, in my personal opinion is less about American Security, and more about ensuring that President Obama will have a legacy achievement that people will look back on. He wants to be remembered as the man who brought Iran to the negotiating table. It does not matter if it was a success, he and his disciples will blame that its failure on whoever the next President is.  Well the more that is found out about this deal, the more the international community is made uneasy.  The more we find out about this so called deal the more the nation is put on high alert.

Naturally with this level of concern, the Congress, liberated from the ignorance and bigotry of Harry Reid, has seen fit to act. Their balls have finally dropped and the Congress of The United States is standing up to President Barack Obama. It’s only taken six and a half years. Tuesday April 14, 2015 Congress reached an agreement on a bill that would give them oversight on President Obama’s Iran Deal.

Now it should be made clear, that as always, when it became known that this piece of legislation was working its way through congress President Obama promised to Veto it.  A bill that would limit his power, and restore the system of checks and balances to the government, clearly a threat, clearly going to be vetoed by President Obama.  During a meeting with Obama Administration officials Secretary Kerry was adamant that congress not push any legislation at all. However, once it became clear that bill had a veto proof majority support President Obama issued a statement that sufficient changes had been made, and the President would sign the bill.  One of the bill’s sponsors Senator Corker, announced that no such major changes had been made, and the bill passed the committee with a unanimous 19-0 vote.

This is the first time that we have seen President Obama forced to bend, to compromise, to act as an equal branch of government, rather than the totalitarian thug he thinks he should be.  Congress has a right to oversee this deal, seeing as it talks about lifting sanctions issued by congress, meaning President Obama cannot just wave his hands and make them disappear.  I am ecstatic to see congress finally standing up to the thug in the White House.


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