GOP Beware

This is to all members of the GOP,

If you are adamant that you do not want to see Hilary Clinton as President. If you are truly desperate to ensure that President Barack Obama does not get a third term, then pay attention to what I have to say.   I am noticing a vary dangerous trend starting to appear once again. A narrative is being spun that threatens to lead to Hillary Clinton’s Coronation. A trend that was present in 2008, and 2012, a dangerous trend that progressives are ecstatic to see.  One that I have been warning about sense before the 2012 primary. The media, even pundits at Fox News, are trying to per-ordain who will be the Republican Presidential Candidate. If you are a conservative, a true limited government conservative, if you are someone who is terrified of Hillary Clinton being President, you should be very, very concerned.

During the 2008 presidential cycle, the GOP had a very weak field to choose from. You had on one side a progressive “maverick” Senator John McCain, who was known for reaching a crossed the aisle, working with Democrats to get things done. In the middle you had moderate former Governor Mike Huckabee, a smooth talking pastor from Arkansas. Then on the relative right you had former Governor Mitt Romney (how sad was it that a moderate like Mitt Romney was the most conservative option).  I still say to this day that Mitt Romney is too moderate to win the White House, however, in 2008 he might have stood a chance.  He was clean spoken, unburdened by the fiasco of Obamacare, had executive experience, and was an inspiring political figure. Mitt Romney came into the 2008 primary season with a victory in the 2007 CPAC straw poll.  He had the crucial conservative backing needed to win the White House, he was not trying to unseat a sitting president, he most likely would have won the 2008 Presidential race.  Why didn’t he?

That is a great question, to which the answer is very simple.  First of all, the pundits painted a picture of a GOP in collapse. The Bush Years were so terrible there was no way that a conservative Republican could possibly win the White House. This scared conservatives, they were scared of what would happen to this country if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama were elected.   Then the pundits started pushing “the GOP has to run someone who can reach a crossed the aisle to appeal to moderates.”   So rather than choosing a relatively strong candidate such as Mitt Romney, the pundits started pushing for progressive John McCain, the Maverick of The Senate, the only man who stood a prayer of winning the moderate vote, the only man who “Could Win the White House”.   During  the primary season Senator McCain enjoyed favorable coverage from both conservative and progressive pundits alike, Democrat supporters even seemed to fawn over him.  So naturally, devoid of any creditable qualifications for the nomination,  John McCain became the GOP front runner.  His job became easy when Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney split the conservative vote, paving the way for McCain to become the first Republican to lose to President Barack Obama in 2008.

Progressives played an incredible game in 2008, they tricked the GOP into running the weakest candidate they had. Democrats actually managed to convince Republicans that they were trying to help them win elections.  It is because of this idea of “we have to beat Barack Obama, we can’t worry about our principles. We just have to nominate someone who can win”, that Barack Obama became President of The United States.

We all know what the next year under President Barack Obama was like.  In 2009 we saw the passage of the so called “Stimulus Bill” (commonly referred to in my writings as the Porkulus bill), and with it the federal deficit rise from $458,000,000,000.00 (billion) in 2008 to a staggering $1,413,000,000,000.00 (trillion) in 2009 (we would not see a deficit below a trillion dollars until sequester cuts in 2013). We saw General Motors bought by the federal government, money illegally stolen from bond holders to make Union pensions whole,  all under the supposed threat that General Motors would go bankrupt and cease to exist.  Ironically despite the government buy out, once the UAW was given 17.5% ownership of GM (ensuring that Union Contracts could not be re-negotiated during bankruptcy),  General Motor’s filed for bankruptcy. Wouldn’t you know it,  they are still making cars today.

The people had had enough. They said no more.  Conservatives rose up, and told the government to take notice. The people told the thugs in D.C. we did not want this socialist agenda, and most importantly they did not want Obamacare.  We all knew what all of this out of control spending, and massive expansion of government would mean, billions in new taxes.  Hard economic times forced American’s to tighten their belts, while politicians spent our money like crazy.  We had had enough, we were taxed enough already, thus the T.E.A. Party was born.  We held tax day rallies all around the country, we marched on D.C. in a rally of unprecedented size.

Progressives in both parties knew what the TEA Party was, it was a threat to the power that big government granted them.  They knew that the TEA Party was a new way forward, thus it had to be destroyed.   President Obama belittled members of the TEA Party. CNN sent out news anchors to try and paint the TEA Party as radical wackos, something I can say for a fact they are not.  We were labeled extremists, We were labeled radicals, and We were labeled as bigots.  The truth was plain to see. The rallies were not violent, they were not dangerous, TEA Party members did not set fire to police cruisers, destroy public property, or leave utter devastation in their wake (see occupy Wall Street for some contrast).  Despite their best efforts President Obama’s pets in the media, and terrified Establishment Republicans could not stop the TEA Party movement.  The TEA Party lead the GOP to the largest transference of power in American History.  In 2010 the Democrats lost 700 seats nation wide, because of the TEA Party movement.

Now that should have been a launch pad that would have led to the Progressive Movement’s ultimate and final defeat. 2012 should have seen the Tyrant of The Senate dethroned, and President Obama defeated.  As we all know that did not happen. The ignorance of Establishment Republicans guaranteed President Barack Obama would keep the White House and Harry Reid would continue to stifle our republican form of government. Progressive pundits once again convinced Establishment Republicans to abandon the clear majority that had propelled them to victory in 2010, in favor of a losing strategy they had employed in 2008.  They sent a moderate Mitt Romney up against an entrenched President. Why? Why did they send a weak candidate like Mitt Romney to combat President Obama? The answer is simple, progressive pundits did nothing but support him during the primary season. They would say things like “Mitt Romney is the GOP’s only real hope”, “Mitt Romney can win the independents, which the GOP has to do to win”.  Guess what, the Establishment bought it hook line and sinker. I reported on my old blog that if Mitt Romney won the nomination, President Obama would win the election. God I hate being right all the time.

In 2007, Mitt Romney won CPAC, the GOP ran John McCain, and President Obama won.  In 2011 Ron Paul won CPAC, the GOP ran Mitt Romney, President Obama won.  It is time that the GOP stops listening to people like Bob Beckel, Lindsy Graham, and John McCain and start listening to the Conservative base of the party. It is time for the GOP to start listening to the people who want them to win, rather than the people who want them to lose.  I will say this probably a thousand times before the the Primary is over, so let me make it painfully clear right now,


The Democrat party has no interest in sharing power with the Republicans.  Understand that. I can already see Establishment Republicans, and progressive pundits preparing the narrative that they want to see. They are pushing for the Nomination of former governor Jeb Bush. They will begin creating the “its inevitable” narrative very soon. They have already begun laying its ground work. Special Report’s “Candidate Casino” never has a shortage of progressive/Democrat pundits who put big money on Jeb Bush, despite the fact that a huge portion of the GOP electorate say they will never vote for him.

Progressives will soon try and push real threats to Hilary Clinton such as Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor Scott Walker, to the side, claiming that they are second tier candidates. They will attack them without end, and prop up cannon fodder candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.  Mark my words, if Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio wins the Nomination, Hillary Clinton will be free to skip her way to the White House. The media will eviscerate push overs like Bush and Rubio in a matter of months.

So Beware conservatives, a primary vote for Bush or Rubio is a vote for Hillary Clinton.


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