Jeb Bush Give It Up, We Know The Truth

The other day I was watching coverage of the GOP Candidates in New Hampshire  and I heard the Democrat’s dream candidate Jeb Bush make this comment, “I have a conservative record, probably the most effective conservative governor. I would match my record with anybody that’s thinking about running or any governor of the last 20 years. It’s an I’m-not-kidding conservative record, it’s one of results.” Poor Governor Bush, he has apparently not realized it yet, I am sure that progressives have.

Look, If you have to tell people that you are a conservative, if you have to constantly declare “I AM A CONSERVATIVE”, you are in serious trouble when it comes to being a Republican Candidate.  If he wants to win the White House, he has to not only convince the conservatives in the GOP that he is in fact a conservative, he must then convince independents of the same thing come the general election.  This is not going to happen if he has to tell people “I am a conservative”.  His actions, his policies, must match what he says.

A candidate that must say “I am a Conservative” might well as not be one. More importantly has no business in running for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

look no one doubts the conservative credentials of serious contenders such as Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, or Governor Scott Walker. They are out telling people what they want to do, what a Cruz Presidency will mean, what a Paul Presidency will mean. They are talking about what they will do, and the people know that they are conservative voices.   Governor Bush is doing no such thing, he sounds like Mitt Romney running around telling people that he is a conservative.   I personally do not want another Mitt Romney, I would rather nominate a candidate that is going to win, not just give us a good show.

It is nothing personal against Jeb Bush, I am sure he is a good man, he might even make a good President, but we will never know because he does not stand a snow ball’s chance in Dixie of winning the White House.  I do not want a candidate that is going to go out and give a good show. I do not want to see a candidate that is going to give it his all, and get our hopes up. I do not want to watch another Establishment candidate give a concession speech, and be forced to endure four more year of progressive wrought ruin and despair. We are playing for keeps,  we are playing for the survival of our nation,  and in this race there are no fancy silver medals for silver place.

  1. mfhorn said:

    When Jeb says he’s going to govern like Lyndon Johnson, there’s no way he’s conservative.

    • Very true, sadly Jeb is an old GOP relic that we have seen fail time and time again. It is time to return to actual conservative principles, not just “democrat light”.

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