Rand Paul Climbing the Ranks

A new poll has been released by Quinnipiac that bodes well for the Kentucky Senator. According to the poll Rand Paul is seen by voters as the most trustworthy candidate. This is something for people to consider going into this race. Especially given the last six years of back room deals and out and out lies (If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor comes to mind). The results of the poll are as follows:

Rand Paul: 44% yes 30% no
Marco Rubio: 40% yes 27% no
Scott Walker: 33% yes 28% no
Jeb Bush: 43% yes 40% no
Hillary Clinton: 38% yes 54% no

As you can see Rand Paul blows the competition out of the water. Now of course Establishment zealots are going to point out “um… apparently you can’t read, Jeb Bush scored only one point lower than Rand Paul.” This is true, Jeb Bush did have 43% of respondents claim that he was trustworthy, however that does not somehow transform this laughable progressive oddity into a viable candidate. Yes Jeb Bush did have 43% of respondents claim that he was trustworthy, the problem though comes when we look at how many individuals said that he wasn’t trustworthy. Jeb Bush has only a 3 point spread between those who distrust him and those who trust him. That is most likely within the margin of error for the poll. Potentially more people could actually think he is a lying sack of crap. Rand Paul on the other hand has the highest score for being trustworthy, as well as the largest spread between those who do and do not trust him.

Basically what it boils down to, listen tot he American People, we need to be able to trust those we send to DC, and I am not saying that we should trust President Obama, or John Boehner. What I am saying is that it is time that we send people to DC that we can trust. The 536 people who reside in those marbled halls of DC are sent there to represent us, we have entrusted them with a great honor. It is time we ensure that we are sending people there who are worthy of that trust.

It is going to be far easier to win people over with a candidate that is for the most part trusted, than it is going to be with a Hillary Clinton’s door mat Jeb Bush. Rand Paul is gaining momentum, be prepared to watch the establishment attacks fly. If you want to restore the nation, Rand Paul is looking like a viable candidate, if you want to follow the Establishment who has given us John McCain, and Mitt Romney well vote for Jeb, I am sure you will be glad you gave him your vote when Hillary is sworn in.


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