The Case for a Libertarian in 2016

The 2016 Presidential Race is probably the most important race in recent history. I know I have said that for many races, but listen, 2016 is a pivotal cross road, it represents a choice. The People of The United States can either choose to continue down the destructive path to mediocrity that progressives such as President Obama have set us down, or we can choose a new path. To take this new path requires a new type of candidate, and a new process of thinking.

I have long heard people complain that they do not care about politics because Democrat or Republican it does not matter, it all ends the same way, more spending, more debt, more taxes, and no one getting ahead. Except for a few exceptions they are right. The choice at the ballet box basically boils down to do I want tyrannical government in the form of Fascism, or Communism. Both grow government, both usurp power from us, both choices end up with us being subjugated. It is hard for people to get excited about a race when the choice is between “getting slapped in the face” or “getting back handed in the face”.

Now of course Republicans claim that they carry the mantel of the Conservative Banner, they are the party that will stand up to big government. Of course, when push comes to shove men like John McCain and John Boehner will always crumble and accept an increase in the size of government. They claim it is in the better interest of the country, next time, the next time they will fight. The next time rolls around and wouldn’t you know it, they stab us in the back again.

The debt is over 18 trillion dollars, millions are being forced to part time labor status, our cities are on fire, and our President Plays golf. To right the ship, to save the nation, 2016 must be much more than a choice between Democrat or Republican. To save the nation, the decision must be between Progressives and Conservatives. There must be a clear choice, something in that for the last two elections has not existed.

Being a limited government conservative, is what many people would call a libertarian. In political circles libertarians are looked at like lower evolved life forms. They hold idiotic notions like “let people choose for themselves”, or “the people have not given the government the power to…”. This insane “Radical” concept scares both Democrats and Republicans alike. Why?

The answer is really very simple, the Democrat Party is filled with radical progressives, the GOP Establishment is dominated by progressives. Progressives desire power over the “little people”, who are too stupid to survive without the government. The people cannot be trusted to make the right choice, so the government must make it for them. Sadly the political argument of the 21st century has devolved into who should make decisions for the ignorant masses. This concept sickens me. However it is one that is essential to the survival of the progressive movement. They thrive by belittling people, taking entire portions of the population, robbing them of their dignity, and making them dependent upon the government for their very survival.

I know many people will call me a bigot, but look at the inner cities. For decades progressives have been promising to lift these people up out of poverty. They condemn anyone who champions the concept of pulling one’s self up by one’s boot straps. Instead they promise them that soon they will be saved from poverty, and whilst the people cheer they set fire to the boot factory.

Look at the issue on the southern border. Millions of people cross the border illegally every year. Rather than solve try and actually solve the issue progressives have transformed it into a perpetual political game. One that promise huge annual returns. Progressives on one side of the aisle threaten mass deportation, and call anyone who opposes blanket amnesty a racist. They reward those who came here illegally, and punish those who came through the front door by lumping them in with criminals. Progressives on the other side make it an issue of shutting down the border, and locking the United States off. Both missing the bigger picture, and dividing the nation, something that progressives thrive on.

Establishment Republicans and the Democrat Party all think that a new law solves the problem. The fact is that many of the problems in this country have evolved because they have passed too many laws. The problems that arises from each laws unintended consequences require a new law to fix them, which creates more unintended consequences. It is a vicious cycle, one that pits neighbor against neighbor.

It is time we bring new blood into the mix, cast out men like John McCain, John Boehner, and Jeb Bush and bring forth someone who will actually offer up a valid choice in the 2016 election. Look the issue on the border is not that we don’t have enough laws, the problem is that we have too many. It is too hard to come in the front door. No one talks about making legal immigration easier because it takes away a campaign issue. Democrats cannot campaign on evil Republicans kicking down doors and deporting parents while their babies are left to die in the streets. Republicans cannot campaign on securing the border.

Given the choice between a progressive Democrat and a progressive Republican the American People will choose a progressive Democrat. We saw that in 2008, and in 2012. In 2016 it is time for the GOP to send up a real conservative, a small government conservative, someone who the main stream media might call “libertarian”. Such a candidate could unite the country and pave the way towards future glory.

Look we have tried the progressive approach to things, just pass laws, make things illegal, strip people of their dignity, and it has not worked. Do you want a candidate that respects our God given rights, or do you want one that is going to re-up the Patriot Act like President Obama did. Do you want a candidate who respects a parents right to choose how their child is educated, or do you want one that thinks the Federal Government should choose like Jeb Bush does. Do you want a candidate who will restore your privacy rights, or do you want one that will support the NSA spying program? Do you want a candidate that will respect property rights, or one that agrees with the theft that took place in the General Motors Buy Out?

The people in this country are tired of more government being the answer for every problem. We have seen the damage brought about by big government, the housing collapse of 2008, Obamacare, the NSA spying scandal, it is time for a change. I remember listening to President Obama when he was running for President in 2008. He campaigned against a four billion dollar deficit, he campaigned against government spying on American citizens, that was part of why so many people where so excited about him. Of course, I knew better, I knew who he was and what he stood for. He wasn’t some political unknown as the GOP Establishment would have you believe. President Obama could very easily be identified as a radical progressive.

That desire for freedom, to get government out of our lives, is something that can and will unite the nation. The concept of limited government, is one that most rational and respectful people understand and agree with. Look at how many problems in this country could be solved if people looked to themselves for solutions rather than demanding solutions from the government.

Gay Marriage, progressives argue that it is a choice between either the government forcing people to accept it, or denying it to people. I do not recall seeing where The People gave the government the privilege to regulate marriage. It is not a power expressly given to the federal government in the Constitution, thus making it one reserved to the states. I want a candidate who will campaign on that. The argument is not about whether or not gay marriage should be legal, but rather whether or not the federal government has the power to make that choice. By definition the issue of Gay Marriage is a State issue. I am not weighing in on whether or not it should be legal, let the states decide that, I am weighing in on whether or not the federal government has the power to regulate it. I want the candidate who is willing to say “The issue of gay marriage is one that is close to the hearts of the American People. I however see no evidence, nor justification within the powers granted to the federal government by the People of the United States to act on the issue of regulating Marriage.”

I personally do no agree with Gay Marriage, however, I really do not care. If you are gay and want to get married, I don’t care, just don’t force me to be a part of it. What you do in your own home is your business. I have gay friends, and it does not bother me. They respect my views, and I respect theirs. They are called opinions, and everyone has them. The issue has become this national crisis not because of bigotry, but because of progressives trying to play God. One side wants to bring the power of the federal government down on anyone who dares oppose Gay Marriage, while the other side seeks to deny it. Both sides are assuming moral authority they do not have, and are plotting to use power they do not have.

The legalization of Marijuana comes to mind. Whether you are for it, or against it, there must be an acceptance of the concept of the rule of law. I personally do not believe the government should be allowed to tell me what I can or cannot consume. They allow tobacco products, but Marijuana is not. All I can think of is the damage brought to the country by progressives banning Alcohol. However, whether or not it should be legal is not the debate that I find important. I want a candidate who is going to stand up and enforce federal law. Currently Marijuana is illegal in the United States. The Federal Government has been granted the privilege of regulating interstate commerce. Thus these states that have legalized weed, are acting outside the law. I want a candidate who will look at the issue of Marijuana and say, “The issue of the legalization of Marijuana is one that will require serious attention. However, states cannot supersede federal law.”

I should point out that I want a candidate who will remove the federal restrictions on Marijuana. Let individual states decide what they want to do. If California wants to be the pot capital of the world let them. If Ohio wants nothing to do with weed, let them. People who want to smoke pot can move to California, people who don’t want to be around it can move to Ohio. Let the people decide. That is something a progressive cannot allow.

The tax code, oh the tax code, nothing inspires more political rage than the tax code. The estate tax, capital gains tax, property tax, income tax, tax on soda, tax on cigarets, tax on gasoline, tax on drivers licenses, corporate income tax, taxes, taxes, taxes. It seem that the government has yet to find something it does not love to tax. Progressives love to use the tax code to manipulate the economy, punish political enemies and reward political allies. Look at President Obama he rails against the corporate welfare that the oil industry receives, about 2.8 Billion dollars a year. He is right, the oil industry should not be getting this type of tax cut/credit/voodoo whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately, President Obama isn’t actually against corporate welfare, in fact he is a rather big supporter of it. He has paved the way for $90,000,000,000.00 a year in “corporate welfare” for so called green energy. That is 90 billion dollars a year, or to put it another way, almost 50 years of oil subsidies.

I want a candidate who is going to stop playing games with the tax code. I want a candidate who is going to stop using the federal government to pick winners and losers. This government interference is nothing more than a way to punish people who do not behave the way some elitist in Washington decides you should act. If you do not conform, then they are going to take your money from you. I want a candidate who is going to say enough is enough. I want a candidate who is willing to say no more, and is going to end these tax code tricks. No more taxing people for not using windmills, no more taxing people for buying a soda. The Federal Government’s was given the right to levy taxes for one purpose to generate revenue. It was not given the power to tax so to punish political enemies, or to force the citizenry to conform.

I do not want a candidate who is going to cut taxes, I want a candidate who is going to gut the IRS. I want a candidate who is going to simplify the tax code. I am a huge supporter of a flat tax, or more preferably a fair tax. I am against this concept that because you make more money, a greater percentage of your income is owed to the government. I want a candidate who is going to stand up for equal protection before the law. I always hear that everyone should pay their fair share. I agree. It is ridiculous that 1% of the population earns just 18.87% of the income in this country and is then forced to pay 37.8% of the income taxes in this country. Oh wait, I forgot, progressives, I have to use progressive logic. It is perfectly okay that 1% of the population percentage of tax burden is double that of its percentage of income, because that evil one percent is rich. I want a candidate who is going to say “The government should not be using the tax code to manipulate the population.” I want a candidate who is going to do away with credits, cuts, and subsidies, and simplifies the tax code. Everyone pays 10%, no credits, no tricks. 10% of your income goes to the government, regardless of if you make 10 dollars or a 1,000,000.

Think about it, a libertarian candidate, a limited government conservative can stand toe to toe with a progressive like Hillary Clinton and take them on with the social issues. Hillary Clinton can attack the candidate about Gay Marriage, the candidate does not have to get sucked into whether or not they support gay marriage. Instead they can rely on their principles and respond with “How arrogant are you, assuming that the government has the power to regulate marriage”. A limited Government Conservative is safe from the gaffs that cripple progressive wolves in Conservative Garb, like John McCain, Mitt Romney, or Jeb Bush. Men who just pretend to be conservative, but lack a true understanding of the principles.

A limited Government Conservative can unite the nation. Bring people together under the concept of rule of law. End government overreach, while at the same time restoring liberty. These are things that apply to people a crossed all aspects of the American spectrum. Find a candidate like that, someone who will fight to end progressive overreach, rather than just abate it, and I guarantee that not only will Hillary Clinton be defeated in 2016, but America will be saved from this path of destruction and misery.


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