President Obama and Baltimore

The riots in Baltimore are the sad side effect of the blatant racism that is allowed to run rampant a crossed this country. Sadly I have come to the firm conclusion that these riots are the product of shameless monsters who actually seek out tragedies so as to exploit them to maintain the racial tension that exists in this country. When I hear the media describe what happened in Baltimore or Ferguson as a White Cop killing a Black Man, I know they do not care about the cop killing the man. The headline to them is White Man kills Black Man. They might as well have just said “KKK strikes again”.
Pretty much any time President Obama opens his mouth my blood begins to boil, primarily because every time he opens his mouth he either insults me, assaults my personal values, or spews out pure unadulterated ignorance. Typically when it’s the latter he is putting his nose someplace where it does not belong, and then proceeds to make matters worse.
Well when he stood up to speak out about Baltimore, I should have known better than to listen, I should have known better than to pay it any attention, but I had to, I had to know what he said. When he started his speech, I actually had hope, hope that maybe President Obama was going to buck historical trends, and actually learn from his past mistakes. Maybe he has finally learned how to deal with riots. He stood before the American People and said, “That is not a protest, that is not a statement, it’s people, a handful of people, taking advantage of a situation for their own advantage, and they need to be taken as criminals,” Quite right Mr. President. The people who are destroying property are not protestors, they are not to be praised, they are criminals and criminals deserve to go to prison.
So I thought, wow, President Obama and I agreed on something, I actually contemplated going and winning the lottery, because I honestly figured that I had a great chance of being struck by lightning while turning in a winning lottery ticket than finding something that President Obama and I agreed on.


It was not to last. President Obama could not waste press time to push his agenda. He could not waste this crisis. Rather than trying to heal a nation, he decided it would be best to capitalize on the suffering in Baltimore and use it to blame Republicans for the problems in the world.
President Obama said, “We have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African-American, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions.
It comes up, it seems like, once a week, or once every couple of weeks. So I think it’s pretty understandable why the leaders of civil rights organizations, but more importantly, moms and dads across the country would start saying this is a crisis,”
¬It was very interesting watching him speak about this issue. I could tell that his radical side was trying to sneak out; he searched for what felt like hours to find the words Interacting, and Individuals. Honestly though, I cannot believe that President Obama would say something like this. He is physically incapable of making a stand and condemning anyone who isn’t a conservative or a Republican. I honestly feel he would make an excuse for Osama Bin Laden on September 12 before he would think about actually condemning rioters.
This comment that seemingly once a week we are seeing police officers just gunning down innocent children is probably one of the more reckless comments he has made. I mean the last one that I heard of was in Ferguson Missouri where a teenager who had just robbed a convince store attacked a police officer, tried to steal his gun, and was then sadly shot and killed by the officer. There were riots after that incident, but only because the Administration decided they would make a civil rights example out of the officer. Now I have heard of other events between Ferguson and now, but I do not recall people setting fire to police cruisers in the aftermath.
Honestly, let’s look at the issue, President Obama is not citing statistics, he is not citing facts, he is just saying “hey my gut instinct tells me that this is happening more often”. I don’t know if it is happening more often, maybe it is. I doubt it though, I honestly believe that the main reason we are hearing about these incidents more is because we are more connected making it easier to get the information out.
He acts like these riots are peaceful, people even go as far as saying “well they started peacefully”, of course they did, so did World War II. Chamberlain achieved “peace in our time” by giving Adolf Hitler the Sudetenland. Does that mean that Hitler was peaceful? I am not saying that these people are Nazis, but I am saying that you need to call them what they are, and mean it. Stop making excuses for them, or trying to justify their criminal actions.
Now of course we always want our politicians to offer solutions, ways to solve the problem, and don’t you worry President Obama had some. Can you guess what his solution was? Spend more money, and of course blame Republicans.
President Obama actually blamed Republicans for the sociological and economic hardships in our inner cities, he said, and I quote “I’m under no illusion that under this Congress we’re going to get massive investments in urban communities.” Really…. Really… is this honestly a legitimate argument? Does President Obama really think that blaming Republicans is a valid argument?
Let’s forget the racist history of the Democrat Party, let’s forget the concept of a two party system all together. Does President Obama really think that he is less likely to get money for “investments” out of this congress than he was the previous one? Harry Reid ensured that congress did not pass a budget for over four years. Four years without a budget. We had four years of Harry Reid killing any bill that came to the Senate via the House. For Four Years Harry Reid stood as the biggest obstacle to democracy, yet now that the Senate is liberated from his tyranny now it is unlikely that congress will supply funding? Really. … this is a cheap political stunt that defies even President Obama’s low moral standards.
President Obama said, that we have to make investments in our urban communities. We have to break the school to prison pipeline. He then said, “That’s hard. That requires more than just the occasional news report or task force, and there’s a bunch of my agenda that would make a difference right now in that.” WHAT THE HELL HAS HE BEEN WAITING FOR THEN!
Really President Obama what from the Pearly Gates of Heaven to the vast expanse of this good Earth, to the deepest darkest pits of Hell has stop you from pushing this agenda? I want to see the votes where the GOP shut down these measures. I want to see where congress stood in your way of helping the people in these urban communities from 2008-2010. For the first TWO YEARS of President Obama’s presidency he had a super majority in the Senate, and a massive majority in the House. He did not require a single Republican vote to get his agenda done. Why the hell did he not do something then?
Oh that is right he was too busy pushing through healthcare reform that no one wanted. Yes while people suffered in the urban communities, President Obama was too busy passing Obamacare. Too busy stealing from retires whose only mistake was investing in Bonds from General Motors. He was too busy flushing money down the drain in “green energy” firms that collapsed despite billions in tax free money. He was too busy playing golf, too busy going on million dollar vacations, too busy bashing Republicans and defending radical monsters in the middle east, to give a damn about the people in urban communities.
He has no right, no creditability, no legitimate claim to have any moral authority when it comes to this debate. He is one of the people who helped create the violent climate in the inner cities. What do you think community organizers do? He has helped incite the violence that the people in these communities have been forced to suffer through. He has never missed a chance to bash police officers and destroy their creditability. He never misses a chance to blame white people for the struggles of minorities. Remember how far people like Barack Obama reached to turn the Trayvon Martin case into a racial issue. They actually changed George Zimmerman’s race. They created the new classification of “White Hispanic” to make sure the public saw it as a “white man shooting a innocent black child”.
I know radical progressive zealots do not care about facts, they do not care what I have to say. All they will say is “I am a Republican, so I am racists”. I do not care anymore. Look there is racism in this country. President Obama has shown it. He bends over backwards to defend rioters, but called protestors on September 9th, 2009 radical. He loves exploiting race to ensure that minorities terrify minorities. It is sickening.
Who is in charge in Baltimore? Who runs Detroit, New Orleans, Cleveland, or Flint? Progressive Democrats. So Mr. President do not act like it is Republicans who have brought this on the minorities, or have spread the seeds of racism. Republicans have not been ling to minorities for decades, promising to lift them out of poverty, while telling the rest of the nation they are too ignorant to survive without government assistance. Progressives have been promising for decades to help minorities, how much longer is it going to take.
We declared a War on Poverty under Lyndon Johnson, yet despite almost fifty years of government spending, the same percentage of the population still lives in poverty. Billions of government dollars have done nothing. What more is it going to take? How much longer must these people suffer before they stop buying the bullshit spewing from one fascists’ mouth to another?
President Obama told the nation that congress won’t act, so he will. He will break the law, and he will change the world, because only he is smart enough to do it. Congress won’t act, because congress can’t act. Nothing the government does is going to solve the problem.
There is a cultural issue rotting this nation from the inside out. Family values, strong family values are being destroyed. Families can’t spend time together. Families split apart, and children grow up without fathers, or mothers. Our communities are fractured, no longer does neighbor look after neighbor. All of this is the fault of radical progressive theology. More government spending, more government spending, tax the rich, belittle the church, belittle religion, praise eugenics organizations like Planned Parent Hood.
People have to work multiple part time jobs now, why is that? Is that because Republicans cut taxes and reduced regulations? Or would it make more sense that President Obama raising taxes, and you know, PASSING OBAMACARE had more to do with that? Let’s see one option makes it easier and cheaper to do business thus freeing up capital for investment and growth, the other makes it more important to do business, and forces business to push people to part time work? Short of shrinking government, there is nothing that the soulless, shameless wretches in Washington D.C. could possibly do to actually help people in the urban community. They are mostly to blame for the problems.
No, it is up to us, you, me, to do something. It is up to us to fix this problem, to help our friends, to help our neighbors. To stand up and say enough is enough. The government needs to get out of the way, so the economy can grow. We need to stand up and say “no more”, we need to be a community again, united again. United in our faith in one another, our faith in freedom, our faith in the promise of tomorrow.
President Obama only promises unity through hate, and that is what set us on the Road to Baltimore.

  1. hoboduke said:

    The real crime denies a future to millions of young blacks by ignoring tax free zones to promote companies to hire workers. How can idle and unemployed young men and women sit around watching life pass them by? A bigger welfare check does nothing for a future of independence from poverty.

    • Very true, more welfare money will not do anything to fix the problem.

      you would be better served by lowering the corporate tax rate, allowing companies to bring jobs back to this country. Unfortunately you will not see that under a radical such as President Obama.

      The progressives have no intentions of helping poor African American families. Why would they? They like them poor, it keeps them subjugated and subservient to the government.

      We have fought a war on poverty for 60 years, and it has made absolutely no difference. Big government spending has clearly failed.

  2. Dog Man said:

    Will this website help me to insult progressives

    • That is not the point of this site. This page is about exposing progressives, and their radical ideology, where ever they are.

      I intend to do what I can to expose the dangers posed by progressive scum like Jeb Bush,
      Marco Rubio,
      Chris Christie,
      John McCain,
      Lindsay Graham,
      Harry Reid,
      Nancy Pelosi,
      Barack Obama,
      Sherrod Brown,
      John Boehner,

      They all believe in big government, they all are what is wrong with this country. They have to be exposed, and shut down.

      Progressive Watch is about fighting that fight. Silencing cowards like Jeb Bush who hide their radical progressive beliefs by running as Republicans, and confronting progressives like President Obama.

      So no you won’t learn how to insult progressives. But you might learn how to expose them for the dangerous radicals that they are.

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