Progressive scum bag, Senator Lindsay Graham, all but announced that he was going to be running for President.  He claims that he is running because he thinks he has the foreign policy experience that has been lacking these last six years.  Now I know what everyone is thinking, finally the Republican Dream Candidate has entered the race.  Yes, finally we have a candidate who can inspire the base, vanquish Hillary Clinton, save the economy, and restore our liberties.

Senator Graham must have finally lost it.  Does he really think that he has a chance at the nomination? Honestly, with such power houses like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker running, just how does Senator Graham think his John McCain style politics is going to stand a prayer of getting within spitting distance of the podium?

Needless to say, I am happy to see that Senator Graham is running.  I welcome him to the race.  His candidacy serves to insure that the American People are going to have a real choice come 2016.  Senator Lindsay Graham’s candidacy will help to insure that the GOP has a viable candidate in 2016. Not because he is somehow going to win, but because he is going to make it easier for candidates who could actually win the White House to win the nomination.

Senator Graham probably does not even realize just how beneficial his candidacy will be for the viable candidates in the GOP.  Senator Graham’s candidacy is going to serve to help the GOP in two ways. First, his running is going to give viable candidates like Senator Paul, Senator Cruz, and Governor Walker a great opportunity to draw contrast between themselves and the establishment of the party.  Thus GOP voters are going to be able to see just who the Establishment is, and for once actually be able to have a choice between big government progressives and actual conservatives.

The second way that Lindsay Graham is actually helping Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker is by acting as a parasite.  You see the Establishment has already chosen who the candidate will be. They want Jeb Bush to be the candidate.  For some reason they think another Bush is just what this country needs. Now, I have already explained in detail just why it is that Jeb Bush cannot win the White House, however, there is a very real possibility that he could win the primary.  I have explained why running the establishment candidate as we did in 2008, as we did in 2012, is a horrible idea.  So I must actually say that I am ecstatic to hear that Lindsay Graham is running.

The only reason that John McCain was able to lose the 2008 election was because Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee split the conservative vote in the primary.
The only reason Mitt Romney was able to lose the 2012 election was because Ron Paul and Rick Santorum split the conservative vote in the primary.

In both of those elections, more people voted for conservative candidates, however, the establishment’s moderate/progressive of choice won because the conservative vote was split. In both 2008 and 2012 multiple conservative candidates split the parties majority. Couple that with the consultant class’s war on conservatives and you have a recipe for a concession speech. I can vividly remember Charles Krauthamer saying Mitt Romney would not lose.  I also remember thinking it was odd that Bob Beckel was willing to give Republicans advice to win elections…. but honestly we have been over this before.

So why is it that I am happy to see Lindsay Graham running? No conservative, no liberty minded, sentient human being is going to vote for Lindsay Graham. He does not stand a chance of winning the nomination. He does not have the name recognition, and he does not have the conservative pedigree (often voting with Democrats like his buddy John McCain) necessary to win the nomination.  So his candidacy does not threaten to siphon votes from viable candidates like Paul, Cruz, and Walker.  Instead, Senator Graham will actually help conservatives, the conservatives he is trying to silence (he is by no means a fan of Rand Paul).  You see, 2008 there was only one progressive candidate, John McCain. In 2012 there was only one progressive candidate, Mitt Romney.  Well 2016, we have many.

Lindsay Graham is just the latest in a long line of progressive candidates who are going to siphon votes away from Presidential Long Shot  Jeb Bush.  No one who would vote for Rand Paul is going to vote for Lindsay Graham, however someone who would vote for Jeb Bush could easily be convinced to vote for Senator Graham.

So I welcome Senator Graham to the race, and thank him for his service. He actually helping the party by running. He is insuring that his antiquated political brand will soon find its rightful place in the dust bin of political failure.  Thank You Senator Graham, for helping to prevent Jeb Bush from getting the nomination.


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