Ted Cruz Takes it To the Media

Last week Senator Ted Cruz showed the world just why it is that he is one of the three legitimate candidates in the GOP field. When you run as a Republican there are a few things you have to understand, first and foremost is do not expect fair treatment from the media.  You could be the smartest man on the planet, they could agree with everything you say, but because you have a R in front of your name, they assume their job is to ultimately destroy you.

This is a trap that Republican candidates fall into far to often.  They assume the media is unbiased, and is just interested in getting the story out to the people.  For some reason or other, they also choose to listen to Democrats and Progressives, who tell them that they cannot defend themselves in front of the media. They cannot challenge the media, they have to accept the premise of whatever argument the media throws out, and then try to defend themselves against it.  If they don’t, if they stand up to the media, if they dare stand up for themselves, if they dare call out so called “reporters”, they will only serve to upset the “independents”… or is it the moderates this year… no the moderates were the “must win in” 2008… I digress.  Republicans fall for this trick, far to often, and thus are never able to go on the offensive. They can never talk about their agenda. They can only defend against attacks from the media.

I have to applaud Senator Ted Cruz for how he reacted the other day, when a reporter tried to snare him in this trap.  I hold that Senator Ted Cruz is probably one of the smartest men on the planet.  His mind is sharp, quick, and he never allows his mouth to out run brain. This intelligence, had led to a sense of confidence, which helps to prevent Senator Cruz from falling into this classic progressive trap.

A clear example occurred just last week in Beaumont Texas. Senator Cruz was approached by a reporter and asked this question, “Do you have a personal animosity against gay Americans?” This is a classic question to draw a lesser candidate into the trap. To progressives there are only two options for the Republican to take.  Option one, they take a stand against gay rights, this is the route that most progressives hope they take. They come out against gay rights, thus opening the flood gates for countless campaign ads, and donations to the Democrat Party.  They get to say things like “Candidate A is a bigot” or “Candidate A is stuck living in the dark ages”.   The other option, the candidate tries to reach out to the “moderates”, and does not really come out against gay rights, but he does not condemn them either.  Progressives still get to claim that the candidate is a bigot, and the candidate has now alienated the conservative base.  A win win.

Ted Cruz though, Ted Cruz is far to smart to drawn into that trap.  He responded by rejecting the premise of the argument being made. He did not accept that this concept that he has a hostility towards gays, and must defend himself. Instead he exposed the media for the spineless hypocrites they are.  Senator Cruz responded by saying “Let me ask a question.  Is there something about the left, and I’m gonna put the media in this category, that’s obsessed with sex?  Why is it that the only question you want to ask concerns homosexuals?  Okay, you can ask those questions over and over and again.  I recognize that you’re reading questions from MSNBC”

The reporter, would not accept that answer, so he asked again, “Do you have a personal animosity against gay Americans?”

Senator Cruz replied,  “I recognize you want to ask another question about gay rights.  Well, you know, ISIS is executing homosexuals.  You want to talk about gay rights, this week was a very bad week for gay rights ’cause the expansion of ISIS, the expansion of radical theocratic Islamic zealots that crucify Christians, that behead children, and that murder homosexuals, that ought to be concerning you far more than asking six questions all on the same topic”

Before I go on, I have to stop and say, this is the first time that I can remember hearing an elected official call the progressives out on this issue.  It is always, “Republicans hate women”, “republicans hate gays”,  but progressives stand silent when gays and women are massacred in the streets in the middle east.  Hillary Clinton accepts money from many of these nations.   Ted Cruz is the only elected person I have heard call progressives out on this.  To expose their hypocrisy, to expose the lie of their war on individuality.  They claim conservatives hate women because we stand against abortion, but they stand silent when Islamic extremists cut a woman’s hand off, or bury her up to her neck and stone her to death.  We are told that conservatives hate homosexuals because they oppose gay marriage, but progressives like President Obama and Hillary Clinton try to negotiate with radical Islamic extremists while they murder thousands of gays in the street.   Senator Cruz highlights this hypocrisy, and I think deserves a medal for it.

Back on topic.

The reporter was still not satisfied, and against asked “do you have a personal animosity against gay Americans?”

Senator Cruz replied, “Do you have a personal animosity against Christians, sir?  Your line of questioning is highly curious.  You seem fixated on a particular subject.  Look, I’m a Christian.  Scripture commands us to love everybody.  And what I have been talking about with respect to same-sex marriage is the Constitution, which is what we should all be focused on.  The Constitution gives marriage to elective state legislatures.  It doesn’t give the power of marriage to a president or to unelected judges to tear down the decisions enacted by democratically elected state legislatures.”

An there it is, Senator Cruz drives the final nail into this line of questioning’s coffin.  He explained his religious beliefs, then, without skipping a beat, flipped the argument on its head.  He changed it from “look, look at the bigoted Christian Conservative,  he hates gays, look at him, look at how evil he is.” to an argument of “Why do you hate Christians”, but better than that he changed the premise of the argument.  He brought the conversation back to the concept of rule of law.  The Constitution does not give the power to regulate marriage to the Federal Government, it gives it to the states, and to the people.

So Senator Cruz turned the tables on this would be political assassin. This hack did not get his headline, instead most people have never even heard of this exchange.  It was swept under the rug, because it showed just how viable a threat to the progressive movement Senator Ted Cruz is.  He did not cave to progressive pressure, he did not attack them and make himself look like a monster, he stood up for his beliefs, and took the fight to them.  He did so in a calm, level headed, and elegant manner.

Ted Cruz, looking more and more like a President every day.

Here is a clip of the exchange.


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