Monthly Archives: July 2015

I have long be an opponent of Sanctuary Cities, as I feel they violate the law.  They offer refuge to criminals, and thumb their noses at the rule of law. Think of it this way, a Sanctuary City is like that kid in school whose parents let them run wild, gave them whatever they wanted, and everyone thought “man your parents are cool”.  We all know how those kids ended up, sure they get to work in an office building, sadly they don’t have a desk, they clean the desk.

What I am saying here is that Sanctuary Cities are tool used by progressives. It is how they get to deal with these pesky illegal immigrants who, for some reason, think that the progressives are going to do something to help them, without actually having to address the problem.  The kid makes a bunch of noise, by him a new toy.  They can claim they are protecting them from the evil conservatives, while doing absolutely nothing to help legal immigrants, and protect American Citizens from the dangers of an open border.

If a city in Texas decided that they would become a Sanctuary City for bakers who did not want to bake cakes for gay weddings, progressives would be in an uproar.  They would demand sanctions, that the federal government stopped sending funds to that city immediately.  In that case, the baker was simply following his religious principles, something he is allowed to do by law.  In the case of these Sanctuary Cities harboring illegal aliens, these cities are providing safe haven for CRIMINALS.

I get that many illegal immigrants are here trying to provide for their families, I get that.  For some reason though progressives cannot wrap their heads around the fact that by their being in this country they have broken the law.  They are criminals because they broke into this country.  End of story.

So I will say it again, any city that refuses to enforce federal immigration law should be exempt from any form of federal funding.   Tax payers of responsible cities should not be forced to fund the criminal activities of progressive disasters like San Fransisco.