Senator Sanders on the Slippery Slope

Progressives like to think that our nation needs to give up our right to own and bear arms. They like to think that this belief gives them some moral high ground, despite all evidence to the contrary. I have become quiet practiced in the art of exposing progressive gun grabbers for the lunatics they are. They of course are quiet adept at attempting to defend their radical stance on firearms. Their defenses almost always operate off of their assumed “moral high ground”. Rather than debate in world of facts, they prefer to operate in the realm of feelings. Thus they will attack the individual, and attempt to discredit him, rather than disprove an argument.

You will hear progressives push for gun control, like the type used in the United Kingdom, and Australia (both countries lack a Constitutional right to own and bear arms). They will claim that these are common sense reforms, that no one is trying to take your guns away. They will openly attack anyone who claims that they are trying to place the nation on a slippery slope towards total gun confiscation. They will say, “no one is trying to take away your guns”. Despite the fact that both Australia’s and the United Kingdom’s gun control measures resulted in gun confiscation.

When it comes to fighting progressives it is hard, because they are never honest. They cloak themselves in the American flag, claiming to defend liberty. They will never expose their true agenda until it is too late to be stopped. That is not the case with socialist though. A socialist is a progressive that is not ashamed of his radical ideology. He is willing to embrace it, and will always admit to his ideology.

Senator Sanders is a self described Socialist. He openly called for a ban of all Semi-automatic weapons. He claims there is wide support for this. I have not heard a massive uprising of people calling for the ban of Semi-automatic firearms. Maybe that is because once the shock and fear that progressives like Senator Sanders feed off subsides, people come to their sense.

A semi-automatic rifle is not a weapon of war, that as Senator Sanders claims,”have no other purpose but to kill people.” That is simply just not the case. Semi-automatic is a term that progressives love to use, because it sounds exotic. They love for people to hear that word and think of distant battle fields, with rifles spewing death from the end of the barrel. This just is not true, sadly Senator Sanders is trying to play off of your perceived ignorance.

When you break down the word Semi-automatic, suddenly the firearm does not seem so exotic. Semi means half, thus a semi automatic is half automatic. A semi-automatic firearm fires ONE round every time you pull the trigger. If you hold your finger down, the firearm will not continue to fire. That would require a fully automatic firearm, which have largely been outlawed for public ownership sense 1934.

In 1934 it was decided that fully automatic firearms had to be banned, as they had no place in a civilized society. Mass shootings, allowed progressives to push for “common sense” reforms. They blamed guns for the violence during the prohibition era. Thus using fear, the progressives achieved a major limitation of our Second Amendment Rights.

Now, the progressives are at it again, Senator Sanders has revealed the progressives hand. He has announced that they are taking us further down the slippery slope, now they want to ban semi-automatic firearms, because they are weapons of war… weapons I thought were banned in 1934.

Senator Sanders probably does not realize that he has actually helped prove an belief long held by conservatives such as myself, the slippery slope. The progressives utilize the progressive slope to perpetuate their ideology. They know that no rational minded American would give up the liberties that our limited government has guaranteed us for the shackles of progressive tyranny. So they work slowly. They start with fully automatic weapons, they start with mandating health insurance, then they push for more. Now Senator Sanders is pushing for a ban of semi-automatic weapons. Where does the slope level out?

To a rational minded individual the answer is pretty obvious. Banning fully automatic firearms did not stop the violence, so the problem must be semi-automatic firearms. When that fails to stem the violence, it will be pump action and bolt action firearms. Then single shot firearms. The slope ends when the American People are unarmed, and no longer have the capacity to defend themselves against an over oppressive government. The gun control slope ends, when the Government no longer has to fear the people. Then they will start a new slope. What is to stop them from taking our freedom of speech? They are already working on the freedom OF religion.

Senator Sanders is honest, and he has honestly shown us that the slippery slope does exist. We must stand up against these buffoons, because sadly a growing number of people are starting to take them seriously. Desperation will drive people to insanity. We must stand firm in the light of the truth, with facts to guide the people from the haze.


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