Progressivism is a direct affront to liberty and what it means to be an American. It is the belief that not all men are created equal. Some men are created so incompetent that they could never dream of surviving on their own. While others are created so smart, we cannot even begin to comprehend the vast depths of their knowledge. Progressivism is not the way of the future, it is the way of the past. It is the way of Monarchs, Dictators, Tyrants. America is the land of the free, the last hope for man’s freedom. As such, being a progressive snake in the grass is a crime worthy of banishment from society. How can an individual who believes his neighbor too stupid to survive on their own, an individual who believes that government must regulate and control every aspect of our lives, ever truly exists peacefully in our society. The fact is they do not, they merely lie in wait, pretending to be compassionate, and caring. The dieses of progressivism has spread far beyond the Democrat Party and has begun to affect all areas of our society. This makes reliving them to the world for the filth that they actually are very difficult.

This page is a running list of all of the progressive scum who should be removed from office.

These first three make up the Progressive Trinity, they are the head of the snake.

Barack Obama, Democrat, President of The United States

Harry Reid, Democrat Senator from Nevada

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Representative from California

John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona

John Boehner, Republican Representative from Ohio

Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina

Mitch McConnell, Republican Senator from Kentucky

Chris Christy, Republican Governor of New Jersey

Sherrod Brown, Democrat Senator from Ohio

Maxine Waters, Democrat Representative from California

John Cornyn, Republican Senator from Texas

Allen Grayson, Democrat Representative from Florida

Shelia Jackson Lee, Democrat Representative from Texas

Joe Garcia, Democrat Representative from Florida

John Kasich, Republican Governor of Ohio

Jeb Bush, Former Republican Governor of Florida

Mitt Romney, Former Republican  Governor of Massachusetts


More to come.

I am thinking about whether or not to include why they made this list. Let me know your opinions.

Let the discussion begin

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