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I have opened the window to write a new post probably over 100 times sense my last posting. I have thought that I felt the need to write something, but it all feels like it is blurring together for me. How many times can progressive mythology be brought down by science and common sense? I quickly lost interest or forgot about the posts that I was going to write. But this time, this time is different.
I feel compelled to sit down and write about what is happening in the country in the wake of the Oregon shooting. I want to look at some facts that are not being observed. I must talk about the thousands of thoughts running through my head.
I have long warned that we are entering a dark time in this country, I am sorry to say this is the first thing that I must change about this post. We are not entering a dark time, we are IN a dark time. Our nation need not prepare for the coming storm, it is too late for that. The painful slashing talons of the hurricane are already here. The sea level is rising, and the decisions we make now will determine our survival.
By now I am positive that anyone who might find their way to this blog has heard of the shooting in Umpqua Community College in Oregon. When I first heard of the shooting I was shocked, and my soul hurt for those who lost family members in the shooting. I knew that they would be suffering the pain of losing someone they love, but I also knew they would soon feel a pain that no parent, friend, or family member should have to suffer. They would soon feel the excruciating pain of the dagger stuck in their heart twisted as their pain is exploited to push an agenda that otherwise would be obliterated by public outrage.
After each of these tragedies the progressives fangs emerge. The smoke has not even finished pouring out of the barrel before they begin trying to exploit the deaths of countless innocent lives to push their agenda. Typically when something like this happens, I am quick to jump in, quick to start defending our rights, and expose the progressive agenda for what it really is. This time however, my rage was unleashed when I heard President Obama speak on the situation.
After a national tragedy our nation looks towards our leaders for solace and strength. The right words spoken after a tragedy can unite the nation; bring out the best in our souls. I will always remember watching President Bush standing in the rubble of the Twin Towers, holding that fireman saying, “I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” President Bush did a lot of things wrong, but at that moment he galvanized the nation. Those words, that confidence, served as an inspiration for all of us.
With the eyes of the nation glued to their televisions, President Obama stepped to the lectern. What words of healing would he offer, what words of wisdom would he choose to sooth the nation’s suffering? None, he was not interested in healing, he came ready for war. President Obama had this to say about the shooting, “This is something we should politicize”.
Something to be politicized…. I have long said that progressives feed off these tragedies, they latch on to the morning, and feed off their suffering. I never once thought that they would ever openly admit it on national TV news.
As you can imagine, the second President Obama let these vial words of naked partisan hatred from his lips, my fingers started flying. I blew my Facebook account up. I was enraged. I was preparing to write an entry to disembowel his fanciful arguments. I was going to destroy his ignorant claims, and lay waste to any progressive who dare perpetuate the “effective gun control” myth. But I stopped.
Yes, I stopped. I have written on the subject of gun control countless times. I have scientifically proven that fallacy of the gun control argument. I can honestly say that I laughed out loud when President Obama, in front of God and the Nation said, “he notion that gun laws don’t work, is not borne out by the evidence.” The first thought that came to my mind was how most mass shootings take place in gun free zones. His evidence claim is quickly evaporating. I realized that there was no need to write about idiotic nature of President Obama’s ignorant statements.
President Obama is a lame duck President. As of the landslide election of 2014, President Obama has no legal means left to advance his agenda in a meaningful way. His Presidency is effectively over. He is now a non-factor in American Politics. He can sit and fume in the White House for the rest of his term. Let him rot.
However, that all changed when I heard the story of the Ten Commandments being taken down in the dark of night. Seeing these stone tablets removed by cowards under a vial of darkness I realized, that our nation has indeed entered dark times. The Ten Commandments were ordered removed from the Oklahoma Capitol Building after being ordered by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The tablets were taken down under the cover of darkness to avoid protests and outrage from the public.
Why were these tablets taken down in the dead of night when no one would be there? The answer is simple, progressive politicians know that Americans hold our religious views very deeply. They know that public outrage can quickly be aimed directly at their political careers. They know that in this modern day and age, when a 25 year old guy from Ohio has the ability to reach the entire world with his viewpoints, public outrage can quickly grow. They did not want huge protests in the street. They did not want the firestorm that would accompany removing the Ten Commandments, for fear that it would unite the Christians, the Jews, basically the majority of the United States.
Christianity, religion itself is under attack in this country. Christianity is the current punching bag for the progressives. Religion is the enemy to progressives. The concept that mankind was created by God, is troubling for people who want absolute blind authority over the masses. How can they have unquestioned power to oppress…. Sorry… to protect the population from their own ignorance, if the people of this country answer to God? The answer is that they can’t, thus religion must be destroyed. This is common practices in progressive states like the USSR. The State, not God is the supreme power in the world. Your rights are not granted to you by God, they do not even exist. What you think to be your rights, are in fact nothing more than privileges granted to you by the state.
Most progressives will of course deny any such war is being waged, or that the removal of religious liberty is their ultimate goal. Often they will cover up this plot by saying things like, “Of course we do not want to ban religion. There is no war on religion, this country was founded with strong religious principals. No one could ever destroy that bond.” Typically this statement will be followed by the typical “acceptance” statement. They are right. No one in this country, except for progressives and radical lunatics, would ever accept an outright destruction of religious liberties. Instead, the progressives work as they always work, in the shadows.
Progressives have gradually been conditioning the majority of the country into giving up their religious liberties, while simultaneously dividing the nation along religious lines . Look at how viciously they attack Christians. They attack public displays of faith, no more Christmas Trees and don’t you dare say “Merry Christmas”. They take down monuments honoring those who died protecting our freedoms, because it took the shape of the cross. They claim these religious symbols are offensive to other religions, thus pitting Americans against one another. Christians are now suddenly the bullies, while Jews, Muslims, and Atheists are now victims of aggressive rhetoric such as “Merry Christmas”. They bastardize the First Amendment to mean freedom FROM religion, rather than freedom OF religion.
Christians are despicable aggressors forcing their view points down the throats of everyone around them. Never mind the fact that the ACLU is filing a lawsuit to FORCE Catholics to violate their religious views, and perform abortions in Catholic Hospitals. Never mind the fact that Christian Bakers are being forced to make wedding cakes for gay couples, even though gay marriage violates their religious beliefs. Never mind the fact that President Obama refuses to call the people burning prisoners alive in cages Islamic Terrorists.
Never mind the fact that when a man walks into Umpqua Community College in Oregon and begins to choose victims by the answer to a simple question, “Are you a Christian?” a yes response followed by a bullet, there is silence. Sorry, there isn’t silence. There is anything but silence. President Obama has the bold face audacity to step up onto a podium lean up against his lectern and tell us that the shooting is our fault for not letting him violate the United States Constitution. President Obama openly admitted that he wanted to “politicize” this issue.
Never mind the fact that the stories covering the events of that bloody day are about gun control… sorry gun safety control is a dirty word, the bravery of the man who stood up to the shooter, or the arrogance and ignorance of President Obama. My favorite story has GQ literally stating F!@K You Ben Carson, all because Dr. Carson said he would have stood up to the shooter. How many stories have you seen talking about how the gunman set out to execute Christians? The MEDIA IS SILENT!
There is a genocide waging across this planet. Christians are being wiped out by radical Islamic Terrorist throughout the Middle East. The Ten Commandments, are now considered offensive, despite the fact that they are the basis of Western Civilization. Christians can be targeted and gunned down in the Streets of the United States and all we hear about is President Obama running his mouth about wanting more gun control. We hear a man spewing ignorant filth from his mouth push his radical agenda, while the blood of innocents flows through the streets.
I am sorry, if you were hoping to have more time before this country plunged into darkness, it is too late. The darkness has arrived. Now is not the time to start preparing. Now is the time to stand. Take the hand of your neighbor, hold them close. Pray to God for Strength, and stand.

Evil thrives when good men do nothing. However, Demons Run when good men go to war. It is time to stand up, and speak out against this madness. It is time to unite against the insanity. Christians, Jews, Muslims, rational minded people, stand up. We must hang together, or we will burn separately. Why do religious affects bother atheists? If they don’t believe in God, these are just stone slabs. Stand up, and speak out. Reach out to your neighbors. Rebuild your community. Only through the strength granted to us through unity, can we weather this storm. The path laid out by progressive thugs like President Obama can only end in disaster.
I am a Christian.

God Bless you all.

Senator Rand Paul is running for President in 2016, he is one of three viable candidates in the GOP Field (Ted Cruz and Scott Walker round out the list).  Last week, Senator Paul received the best endorsement to date. I should point out, I doubt that is how the statement was intended.

Senator John McCain, you know the guy who successfully defeated Barack Obama in 2008…. oh sorry, the man who was trampled by Barack Obama on his way to the White House, declared on Wednesday April 22nd, that Senator Rand Paul was the worst of the 20 individuals competing for the GOP nomination.  Senator McCain said that he has “no doubt”  Rand Paul is at the bottom of the GOP field. Senator McCain’s comments about Rand Paul have really changed my thoughts about not only Senator Paul, but the entire Republican Primary.  Honestly after hearing Senator McCain denounce Rand Paul how could you do anything other than stand with Rand?

When I hear progressive like John McCain attack Rand Paul all I can think is “shut up and sit down”. The miserable Senator from Arizona John McCain is a back stabbing progressive thug who quite honestly would be far more comfortable in the Democrat Party than in the GOP.  He is a dinosaur, a relic of a bygone age, he represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. He is a big government progressive who would rather throw the country under a bus than give up an ounce of the power that the federal government has usurped from the States and the People.

Honestly what makes John McCain think that he has any creditability when it comes to who should be the Republican Candidate in the 2016 Presidential Race? Perhaps it comes from his long record of winning presidential races? I mean look at his track record, look how well he did when he ran for President in 2000.  His policy of attacking conservative community leaders, and his “maverick” attitude managed to win him seven out of 50 state in the Republican Primary. Seven, one of which just happened to be his home state, so, really he managed to impress people in only six states.  But hey they were six power house deeply conservative states, that prove that he knows how to win. States like Michigan, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. I mean with these “deeply” conservative states swinging his way it is no wonder he won the 2000 GOP Nomination… wait he didn’t win did he…. no George W. Bush won.

Okay so he lost in 2000, but it was a close race, I mean 43 to seven, he gave it a good show.  Now of course we all know that with that resounding success under his belt he would run again in 2008, I mean he clearly carried the banner for conservatives within the GOP. Oh and run he did.  Senator McCain ran on a platform of “bipartisan cooperation”, “Being able to reach a crossed the aisle”, oh and my favorite his reputation as being the “Maverick of the Senate”.  Now we all know that McCain won the GOP Nomination in 2008, and that was clearly because he was the most qualified candidate…. right…. I mean it had nothing to do with the Establishment (people who he ran against in 2000) feared having a candidate like Romney.  His victory in 2008 had nothing to do with Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul splitting the conservative vote making allowing him to walk to victory.  But I digress.

So he won the primary in 2008, he then went on to become the 44th President of The United States….. wait sorry I forgot he lost in a landslide election to Barack Obama.  I mean Senator McCain did about as well against Barack Obama as he did against George W. Bush in 2000.  President Obama won 365 electoral votes to McCain’s 173.  So President Obama more than doubled the electoral votes, I mean honestly, does that really disqualify John McCain as a legitimate figure for discussing presidential politics?

Oh let us not forget that Senator McCain also back the highly successful campaign of Mitt Romney in 2012…. errr…. well Romney did do much better against President Obama than McCain did.  I mean Romney had to run against a seated President, and did better than McCain who was running against a complete political unknown, but honestly can you hold that against the guy?

Senator John McCain is a disgrace to the United States Senate. He will stab Republicans in the back the first chance he gets, if he thinks it will help him politically.  He’s thrown Sarah Palin, his one time running mate, under the bus several times because he thought it would give him a political edge.  Progressive scum like John McCain have no right, no creditability, no logical argument that lends any of their view points about presidential politics any form of legitimacy.

Basically John McCain telling the American People that Rand Paul is the worst Republican Candidate is akin to Chris Christie praising Weight Watchers for his success at losing weight.  President Obama has a better chance at winning a golf game than Senator McCain does of picking a winning candidate for President.

So when I hear progressive scum bags like John McCain say that Rand Paul is the worst candidate in the Republican field, I take note, I listen.  Because if the Spineless Backstabbing Dis-Honorable Senator from Arizona John McCain loathes him, well than he is probably the best bet that the GOP has as winning the White House. More importantly however, sense the Miserable Senator from Arizona John McCain despises Rand Paul,  I can only conclude that Senator Paul is the best man for the job when it comes to restoring this great nation to its former glory.

When I hear progressives like John McCain go after someone like Rand Paul, I know it is because they fear him, they fear what he can do.  Senator Paul is a clear and present threat to the Old Washington Order.  He is a man who is willing to go after the sacred cafes of the Establishment.  He is a man who can unite the nation, and destroy a century of progressive ground work designed to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while rats each away at our liberty and freedom.

So John McCain says that Rand Paul is the worst,  if you are a conservative that can only mean one thing,  Stand with Rand.

The other day I was watching coverage of the GOP Candidates in New Hampshire  and I heard the Democrat’s dream candidate Jeb Bush make this comment, “I have a conservative record, probably the most effective conservative governor. I would match my record with anybody that’s thinking about running or any governor of the last 20 years. It’s an I’m-not-kidding conservative record, it’s one of results.” Poor Governor Bush, he has apparently not realized it yet, I am sure that progressives have.

Look, If you have to tell people that you are a conservative, if you have to constantly declare “I AM A CONSERVATIVE”, you are in serious trouble when it comes to being a Republican Candidate.  If he wants to win the White House, he has to not only convince the conservatives in the GOP that he is in fact a conservative, he must then convince independents of the same thing come the general election.  This is not going to happen if he has to tell people “I am a conservative”.  His actions, his policies, must match what he says.

A candidate that must say “I am a Conservative” might well as not be one. More importantly has no business in running for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

look no one doubts the conservative credentials of serious contenders such as Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, or Governor Scott Walker. They are out telling people what they want to do, what a Cruz Presidency will mean, what a Paul Presidency will mean. They are talking about what they will do, and the people know that they are conservative voices.   Governor Bush is doing no such thing, he sounds like Mitt Romney running around telling people that he is a conservative.   I personally do not want another Mitt Romney, I would rather nominate a candidate that is going to win, not just give us a good show.

It is nothing personal against Jeb Bush, I am sure he is a good man, he might even make a good President, but we will never know because he does not stand a snow ball’s chance in Dixie of winning the White House.  I do not want a candidate that is going to go out and give a good show. I do not want to see a candidate that is going to give it his all, and get our hopes up. I do not want to watch another Establishment candidate give a concession speech, and be forced to endure four more year of progressive wrought ruin and despair. We are playing for keeps,  we are playing for the survival of our nation,  and in this race there are no fancy silver medals for silver place.

Every time I go near a TV and hear democrats and progressive pundits talk about how the GOP needs to nominate a man like JEB Bush for 2016, my blood begins to boil. I am tired of hearing about how “he is the one who can win the moderates”, or “you have to win the independent vote”, or “the others are just to radical for moderate America”.  I am tired of hearing about these sacred moderates.

I do commend these progressive saboteurs they are very ingenious. If only they would devote the portion of their mind that works on undermining the Republican Party to solving economic crisis, we would not be where we are now.  A little math with a dash of history would go a long way with them.   In all honesty though they are ingenious, they have the GOP Establishment so afraid of losing, so afraid of being called a racists, so afraid of being called a radical that they actually try to win political elections with a minority.   The Democrat party and their progressive puppets have actually managed to convince the GOP that the only way to win elections is to forsake their majority, and instead nominate a candidate that only appeals to a a minority of the countries population.

Now I am sure many of you are scratching your heads, “what is this lunatic talking about. Conservatives are a fringe minority”. Well actually that is not the case. According to Gallup Polls ever sense 2009 conservatives have made up the largest portion of the population.  in 2013 38% of the population identified as conservative, 34% identified as moderate, and only 23% identified as liberal.  So why would the small minority tell the conservative majority that it needs to go after the moderates? Why should the conservative majority be told to change its views so as not to insult the moderates? Shouldn’t the liberal minority be the ones changing?

Now of course progressive zealots, and those they have brain washed, will be quick to point out that conservatives do not out number moderates by that much, only 4%. I will commend them for that, 38-34 is in fact four. That complex arithmetic often escapes the minds of progressives.  Shouldn’t the GOP try to win over those moderates before the Democrats do?  With 34% of the population up for grab, doesn’t that make sense?  If you look more closely at the numbers, the answer is no.

The big reason for a lot of the recent shifts in political ideology does not come from people switching parties, but rather from people within parties changing their ideological beliefs.  Democrats have become much more liberal sense 2009.  Republicans have become much more conservative, as have independents. In 2012 the number of independents identifying as conservatives climbed to 35%,  and the number of Republicans identifying themselves as conservatives stands at 70%.  So tell me, how would the GOP be better served by nominating someone who attracts moderates?

Moderate democrats will never vote for a republican. Conservative Republicans stay home when a moderate wins the nomination. We saw that in 2012 with Mitt Romney.  That leaves the independents.  Why should 35% of the independent voters in this country vote for a moderate Republican over a Democrat? The media makes sure to smear the GOP every chance they get, teachers tell kids of the evil Republicans, their war against the GOP has lead to public distrust. So why again would the independent voter vote for a moderate Republican? They have no reason too.

If the GOP wants to win the White House in 2016 they have to nominate a REAL conservative candidate. Someone who will draw a sharp contrast against Hilary Clinton. We cannot run a “democrat light” candidate and hope to win.  The path to the White House runs through conservative America.  If the Democrats can convince the GOP to piss off the conservative base, and nominate a moderate chump, they win. If the GOP nominates a conservative, then they win.  Nominate a JEB Bush and say “hello President Hilary”.

Don’t let Democrats choose the GOP Nominee anymore. Support True Conservatives, or switch parties.

Whether we are ready for it or not, the 2016 presidential election is underway.  We already have a field of candidates shaping up on the GOP side, and it can be all but assumed that Hilary Clinton is going to be the Democrat candidate.  2016 is a big year, 2014 saw the end of President Obama’s agenda, he has next to no ability to move legislation through congress.  As President Obama has said in the past, elections have consequences, 2014’s consequences were a welcomed end to his radical agenda.

2016 is a much more important election, we have suffered through six years of mediocrity and incompetency. For six years we have had to listen as President Obama rips this country apart, dividing this nation by race, gender, religion, and station.  We have suffered under his failed trickle down economic theory.  We have seen labor participation plummet to levels not seen sense the 70’s. We have been forced to endure a constantly decreasing medium house hold income.  We have been forced to accept reduction in hours, being shifted from part time to full time, because of his radical and dangerous overhaul of the health care system.  We have suffered for six years.  The final years of President Obama’s tenure in the White House are not going to see anything change for the better.

President Obama has shown that he is not willing to work with congress. Every piece of legislation they have proposed, he has threatened to veto. No meaningful legislation will pass congress, so long as President Obama remains in office.  Well, that is not entirely true, President Obama will sign a bill, so long as it is one that fits his twisted definition of “compromise”.  Of course we all know that when President Obama says people have to compromise what he is actually saying is “Your going to give me exactly what I want, when I want it.  I am the President, you will do as you are told. If you don’t I’ll call you a radical. I might even label you as a bigot”.    The GOP’s job for the reminder of President Obama’s tenure in office is to ensure that his agenda does not advance. They must halt the progressive train wreak. Stop the bleeding.

With the realization that no real relief from the failed Obama agenda will be viable until the end of 2016, it becomes very apparent how critical the next election is.  If Hilary Clinton were to win the White House, our nation will be force to endure yet another four years of tried and failed progressive voodoo and witchcraft…. I mean…. economic policy.  Does anyone, other than progressive zealots, really think that another four years of this dismal mediocrity is actually survivable?

So with the importance of 2016 firmly understood, the importance of the GOP nominee should become equally clear.  The Republican Party must present a viable candidate. Someone who can articulate the principles of conservatism, someone who can inspire the political base, someone who can go toe to toe with Hilary Clinton and win.  The upcoming primary season could not be any more important.

The radical left is not ignorant. They understand the importance of 2016 as well. They are fighting for their vary survival. Progressives exists like parasites, thriving in the shadows. Once exposed they quickly wither and die.  Under the leadership of Barack Obama they have exposed themselves for the radicals that they truly are, and the public has started to fight back.   President Obama brought them so close, so close to achieving their goal of setting up a socialist state in the United States of America.  President Obama’s presidency was meant to bring about the end individualism, and bring about the collective.  Thanks to the TEA Party in 2010, and the pure vial corruption and incompetence of President Obama in 2014, this assault on liberty was halted.  A conservative President, a President who believes in the rule of law, a President who believes in facts, a President who lives in the real world, could undo the damage that President Obama has done.  Progressives will do anything in their power to prevent this from happening.

Progressives are like snakes in the garden. They infiltrate and corrupt. We saw this in 2008, when all the progressive pundits came out and said that John McCain was the only one who could the White House. His history of reaching a crossed the aisle would appeal to the moderates. We had to choose him, because the country was tired of evil conservatives.  So, the GOP Establishment made sure that McCain got the money, he won the nomination, and I can remember vividly his inaugural address…. wait no he lost the 2008 Presidential election.

2008 was a bad year for the Republic. Democrats had super majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. President Obama was riding high on his radical progressive agenda.  He pushed the porkulus bill through, a piece of legislation that wasted 787 billion dollars. A piece of legislation that took our deficit from $459,000,000,000 up to $1,400,000,000,000. The deficit did not drop below the one trillion dollar mark until sequestration. They set up the down fall of our health care system, remember without a single GOP vote. They stole GM from the stock holders, violated the law making whole union contracts at the expenses of bond holders.

2010, brought about change, a grass roots movement that was made of of people who were Taxed Enough Already, said no. Conservatives retook the House of Representatives, despite the progressive movements best efforts to label this group of common middle class Americans as radical racists bigots.  Its funny, I hear progressives mocking the TEA Party, and all I can think is that the pot is calling the kettle black.

2010 should have been the launching pad for greatness. It gave the GOP a clear majority, an energized base, and most importantly a way to stop President Obama.  For some reason though it wasn’t.  For some reason the GOP choose to abandon the success of 2010, in favor of adapting the 2008 model.

I remember watching the news, listening to men like Bob Beckel championing Mitt Romney.  I remember listening to Juan Williams talking about how he was the only one who could win the White House. I remember listening to Democrats telling Republicans how to win elections.  I remember sitting on my couch and swearing at the television at the stupidity of people who claim to be “conservative”, when they through their support behind Mitt Romney. All of these political cowards cited the same for supporting Mitt Romney “he could win the moderates”.

It drives me nuts, all I ever hear is how the GOP has to moderate, they have to become more progressive, conservatives scare the moderates. I have never once heard someone tell a Democrat “hey, your too radical, your ideas about confiscating people retirement are just too radical, you’ll scare off the moderates.” No, that is never said.  The most dangerous radical progressive never offends a moderate. Only conservatives do that.  Taxing college savings, nationalizing healthcare, confiscation of personal property, taxing health care benefits, taxing retirement savings, those are all fine, but by God letting people keep the money they earn that is just crazy talk.  Not spending money we don’t have, WHOA back up that crazy train.

The 2016 Republican field is already shaping up, and already I can see the progressives positioning themselves to repeat their performance from 2008 and 2012. Already I see the same people who pushed Mitt Romney in 2012 pushing for JEB Bush. Already I see the same people that told us that Mitt Romney was the only one who could win in 2012, attacking viable conservative candidates. In all honesty, I have not been posting as much lately, because it is getting hard to be surprised, I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record.   Every election cycle they play the same game, and every election cycle the moronic GOP establishment falls for it.

I have already heard several stories from people talking about how “Scott Walker is too radical to win the White House”.  They talk about how his record will only serve to irritate and scare off the moderate vote. Of course, these jackals are hoping that the American Public is made up entirely of imbeciles. They would have to be, considering what Scott Walker has been able to do.  Scott Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin in 2010, in Wisconsin birth place of the progressive movement, mecca of Unions. He was a pilgrim to an unholy land (no offense to people in Wisconsin).  He took on the public labor unions and won. The progressives tried to push him out, and brought about a recall election, which he easily defeated.  He then won Reelection in 2014. The man has run on solid conservative principles, and won big in a blue state. More importantly he has done this without selling real conservatives down the river (Chris Christie).

So listen up conservatives, if you want to end the suffering that has been brought on this country by six years of failed radical progressivism, the path is clear. Hilary Clinton cannot become President.  The only way to stop her from winning the White House is to ensure that a TRUE Conservative wins the nomination. A JEB Bush candidacy will only ensure a Hilary Presidency.  We must stop the Establishment from shoving another moderate punching bag down our throats. It is time to take action conservatives.

Do not sit silently by, do not let progressive’s dictate who the GOP nominee will be. Stand up, fight back. Call them out wherever they spread their filth. Build up conservatives, and crush the establishment’s moderate of choice. I wouldn’t even donate money to the GOP, send your money to freedom works, and other conservative organizations. Do not donate to the GOP until the nomination is over with.  We, the PEOPLE, the heart of the country have to take back the GOP, then we will liberate the country from the tyranny of backwards progressive ideology.

Supporting JEB Bush in the Primary is voting for Hilary. Belittling actually viable conservative candidates like Scott Walker, is voting for Hilary. Choose your side.  You can stand with Presidential success stories like John McCain, and Mitt Romney, or you can stand on the side of victory.  The choice is yours.

Fresh off of their remarkable victory in the midterm elections in 2014 the GOP has just been handed the most devastating piece of news, Jeb Bush has “decided to actively explore the possibility of running for President”. Jeb Bush is the former Governor of Florida, the son and brother of two former Presidents, and just the moderate establishment Republican that the Democrats where hoping would throw his hat into the ring.

Jeb Bush is another typical establishment Republican. He is a moderate, which we all know means progressive light. He has a record that is guaranteed to turn the stomachs of the conservative base of the GOP. This means that Democrats will prop him up as the only candidate that can win the much sought after “moderate/independent” vote. The Democrats will tell people that Jeb Bush is the candidate that the GOP has to run if they want to stand any chance of winning. So, Jeb Bush will distance the party from its base, couple that with the Democrats giving him a rousing endorsement, Jeb will become the Establishment’s front runner candidate. This must not be allowed to happen.

Jeb Bush is a dream candidate for the Democrat Party, there is no other way to see it. His views on key issues automatically eliminate him from being electable among conservatives. The Democrat party is collapsing in on itself. Two devastating midterms, and the scandal ridden presidency of Barack Obama have decimated the creditably of the party. They lost the midterms against opponents who did not have a national campaign. The only way that they can defeat the GOP is by causing a civil war inside of the party, establishment vs. the base. Jeb Bush is just the man to do it.

For those of you who are thinking, the GOP has to nominate someone who can win the independents, don’t worry the base will vote against whoever the Democrats run. Lets look at who you are campaigning for? Let us see if you really think that Jeb Bush is capable of being a better progressive candidate than Hilary Clinton. See if his positions are ones that you can actually support.

Jeb Bush is a major supporter of Common Core Education Standards. Does supporting Common Core really make Jeb Bush a viable candidate? Allow me to break this question down into smaller parts.

  1. Will this issue bring conservative voters to his side to vote against Hilary Clinton?
    A Gallop Poll in August of 2014 showed that 76% of Republicans opposed Common Core. Only 17% approved of it. So only 17% of the GOP wold be see Jeb Bush’s support of Common Core as a positive reason to vote for him. So logically you can only assume, No Jeb Bush’s support of Common Core would not bring the conservative base out to vote for him.
  2. Would this issue possibly cause conservative voters to stay home and not vote for him?
    With 76% of the party opposed to the Common Core Standards it is easy to believe that Conservatives would not show up to vote for a candidate that they feel was forced on them by the Establishment, as a way to punish the GOP for ignoring their views.  the answer is Yes
  3. Would this issue cause moderates to vote for Jeb Bush as opposed to Hilary Clinton?
    The same Gallop Poll shows that only 33% of the nation supports the implementation of Common Core.  That is a very small number, considering that it includes the 17% of Republicans, and the Democrats who support Common Core. I do not really see how anyone could think that supporting Common Core would bring moderates out to vote for Jeb Bush. The answer is no.
  4. Would this issue cause moderate NOT to vote for Jeb Bush?
    The same Gallop Poll shows that 59% of the American People are opposed to Common Core. 59%, that is a large number. Running with support for Common Core on your record is almost as bad as running with support for Obamacare on it. Support for Common Core could easily cause moderates to feel disenfranchised with the election processes, neither party gets it, both are the same, and they end up just staying home.  so the answer is Yes

So support for Common Core will alienate the base, and at the same time fail to win moderate voters. So you ignore the majority of people who you need to win the election in order to win moderate votes, and in so doing fail to win the moderate votes. Jeb Bush’s support for Common Core does not help him win the White House, in fact it hurts his chances, and aids Hillary’s.

Jeb Bush has comforted the Establishment Republican class by claiming that he is going to secure the nomination without the base of they party. That is good news for spineless progressive slime like John Beohner and John McCain, but what does it really mean for the Jeb’s chances at being a viable candidate in 2016? To answer this I have some different questions to ask.

1. Has a Republican ever won the White House without winning the conservative base?
Basically when you look at basic electoral politics, 40% of the population are progressives, 40% are conservative, that leaves 20% as moderates up for grabs. Running against the conservative base means that Jeb Bush thinks that he can win the White House with only 20% of the population.  Now of course some conservatives will still vote to keep Hilary out of office, but do we really want to risk another 2012, where three million conservative votes stay home? Romney won the independents, but not the base. Romney won the independents, yet somehow Barack Obama is still President.
2. Has this concept of running a moderate worked in the past?
The last two presidential elections the GOP Establishment has convinced the base to run the “candidate that can win the independents”. Such as  progressive “maverick” John McCain, who lost to Barack Obama. Then they ran a moderate, Mitt Romney, a man who was given the election on a silver platter. A man who was running against a President who let an embassy burn while he went on the campaign trail. A President who forced Obamacare down the throats of a nation who did not want it. A President who nearly doubled the entirety of the US debt in only four years. Despite all of this, Mitt Romney managed to blow it, by failing to inspire the conservative base.
3. Are conservatives really something to be avoided?
The GOP had no problem embracing the TEA Party in 2010. The TEA Party was a group of common, every day Americans who stood up against the out of control nature of President Obama and his progressive allies. Embracing the TEA Party and its limited government message led the GOP to the largest wave election in American History.  More importantly winning over conservatives is highly important, as according to a Gallop Poll done in 2013, conservatives outnumber progressives in 47 out of 50 states. Another Gallup Poll of the population in 2013 stated that conservatives outnumber progressives by a 15% margin.
4. What is the ideological make up of Republican voters?
The same Gallup poll referenced above points out that over the last decade more Republicans are now classifying themselves as conservatives, from 62% in 2000 to 70% in 2013. Republicans who say they are moderate have dropped from 31% to 23%.

So Jeb Bush plans to somehow win a GOP Primary by alienating 70% of his party, in order to win over 23%. To achieve this goal he will waste millions of dollars destroying viable candidates, in order to secure the GOP nomination. This money would be better served in the fight against Hilary. So Jeb Bush plans to destroy his war chest in the primary, in order to win over alienate 70% of his party. Then he plans to go into the national election running against the majority of American voters.  Somehow the Establishment and Jeb Bush thinks this is a viable idea.  Unfortunately it is a recipe for a repeat of 2008, and 2012.

If you are a conservative, if you are a Republican, you cannot support Jeb Bush. A vote for Jeb is a vote for Hilary. That is all there is to it. We have tried listening to John Beohner, John McCain, and Karl Rove. They have only allowed for Barack Obama to destroy the fabric of this nation. It is time for the old guard to sit down and shut up. Stand for a TRUE conservative, and we will win in 2016. Run the guy that John McCain and Karl Rove claim can win, and we will have to watch Hilary be sworn into office. That is the plain and simple fact.  Anyone who claims otherwise is either in a state of denial, believes that Democrats like sharing votes, or is truly ignorant.

Bad news out of Florida, well bad news if you are a radical progressive whose is praying to Marx that the Democrats can hold on to the Senate. Great news out of Florida if you are a free thinking, sentient being, who values liberty and the rule of law. The upset of the century took place in Florida yesterday March 11th, 2014, where David Jolly won a special election in the 13th district to fill the seat vacated by the death of Representative Bill Young. Jolly is a Republican, and while his name is not well known nationally, his election is sending shivers down the spines of the progressive hoard.
Why, why is the election of David Jolly going to strike fear in the cavernous void vacated by a progressive heart? Because he was not supposed to win, just like the TEA Party was not supposed to win. Yes Bill Young was a Republican, but the assumption made by the media and the progressive movement was that Jolly would be unable to retain the seat for the GOP. The odds were stacked against him, everything pointed towards the victory that the progressive movement so desperately needs.

The deck was stacked against Jolly, in this a race that according to the non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report was a must win for Democrats, and yet he still one. Jolly was running for office in a district that President Obama won in 2008, and 2012. He emerged the candidate only after a brutal primary, a battered and damaged contender. He was a first time candidate, competing against a former gubernatorial candidate who had much better name recognition. He ever had the curse of a third party candidate, which almost always spells death for the GOP. Yet despite all of this, Jolly still won. The question that both sides must ask themselves is how?
The answer is simple, despite their best efforts, the radical Democrat Agenda fails to resonate among the American People, and Obamacare is a death nail to Democrat candidates. Alex Sink, the lady who faced Jolly in the primary, pulled out all the stops to bring Jolly down, to shake off the black spot of Obamacare. She poured money into the campaign, she tried to make the campaign about anything other than Obamacare. She descended down into the bowls of political hell to demonize and destroy Jolly. She went so far as to label him a heretic, she accused him of being global warming denier. Global warming after all, is the issue that grips the hearts of every last American. Global warming, is the issue that will shape this election… well that is what the Democrats are hoping for. Alex Sink tried to turn Jolly’s position on global warming into a political albatross that would guarantee his defeat.
The problem though is that the American People barely concern themselves about “climate change”. It is hard to take the issue seriously when they claim that the science is settled on “consensus” rather than facts, when scandals like Climate-Gate reveal the corruption behind the consensus. It is hard to run on global warming, when the country is frozen over. Alex Sink tried to create a political albatross to take down Jolly, she might as well have sent a political parakeet to do the job. For as vast a shadow as an albatross casts, it pales in comparison to the sheer terror generated by the 800 pound gorilla in the room, Obamacare.
Obamacare has taken peoples insurance from them, caused people to lose their jobs, cost them hours at work. It threatens them with ever increasing costs, and uncertainty. The Democrats have tied their fate to Obamacare, they forced it on us, they fought for it, they shut down the government to defend it. They own Obamacare, and they will pay the price for their contempt towards the will of the American People. This election in Florida proved that. The out spent, battered, global warming denier, defeated the sure bet Democrat.

Now, I am of course aware that the Democrats are quick to recover, they are quick to do damage control, and they are quick to go on the offensive. Something that you honestly have to respect them for. Debbie Wasserman Shultz was quick to belittle this race, the one that once heralded the revival of the Democrat Party. Ms. Shultz said, “Republican special interest groups poured in millions to hold onto a Republican congressional district that they’ve comfortably held for nearly 60 years. Tonight, Republicans fell short of their normal margin in this district because the agenda they are offering voters has a singular focus – that a majority of voters oppose – repealing the Affordable Care Act” I truly love the way the progressive mind works. Let us examine the validity of her response.
To begin Ms. Shultz tried to conjure up a classic Democrat argument. She blamed the loss in part due to “Republican special interest groups” pouring millions into the race. If that was all you heard, you would think that the Republicans bought this election. Democrats constantly try to make it sound as if they are strapped for cash, that they cannot possibly compete against the cooperate financing that pads GOP pockets. However, we know that Alex Sink out spent David Jolly by over $1.5 million dollars. So, even if those evil GOP special interest groups did pour millions into the race, the Democrat Party still out spent the GOP. So I really fail to see the validity of this first part of her statement. If examined factually it serves no other purpose then deceiving the public through a misrepresentation of the facts.
Next, Ms. Shultz tried to perform a magic trick. She tried to pull a democrat victory from this colossal defeat. She tried to paint this as a loss for the GOP. So this beaten and battered, underfunded, rookie defies the odds and defeats the full fury of the Democrat machine, and we are supposed to believe that this is a sign of the weakness in the GOP? Ms. Shultz said that special interest groups poured millions into the race to hold a GOP district that they have held for 60 years, and that “Republicans fell short of their normal margin in this district because the agenda they are offering voters has a singular focus….” That focus being of course the repeal of Obamacare, which the Democrats are now referring to only as the Affordable Care Act. So let us examine the facts. First off, yes there has been a GOP Representative from this district for 60 years, but how strong of a Republican District can it be when it was won handedly by someone as radical as Barack Obama, in both 2008 and 2012? Then there is the claim that because the Jolly did not win in the large numbers normally seen in the past, somehow that makes this a loss for the GOP. This is a nice slide of hand, but yet again owes its perceived validity to a perceived ignorance of the listener. Jolly won the race 48.5% to 46.7% now that does not seem like a very solid victory however it fails to take into account the x factor. The X factor in this race, and why it is amazing that Jolly was able to win, was the presence of a third party candidate. Typically third party candidates syphon votes away from the GOP. The Libertarian Candidate took 5% of the vote, 5% that in all honesty would not have found its way to the Democrats in the absence of the third option. The libertarian syphoned the political base away from the GOP, yet he was still able to win. When the race results break down to 48.5% to 46.7% to 5% the GOP victory becomes all the more amazing. So again, Ms. Shultz is playing of a perceived ignorance of the American People.
Florida is but the first of many. It proves the toxicity of Obamacare, and the vitriolic rhetoric of the Democrat Party are going to be the death of the Democrat Party.