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Today we gather to celebrate the end of socialism in the new world. Now for many readers, this might sound like a confusing statement, or even the ramblings of a mad man.  However, if one examines history, it is impossible to deny that Thanksgiving is in fact the celebration of Capitalism’s Triumph over the misery of Socialism.

The Mayflower compact called for communal farming and property. Everyone was entitled to an equal share of whatever the community had been able to produce. With everyone entitled to an even share there was no reason for anyone to work hard. Sure there were a few who gave it there all, but there were many who would show up to the fields late, slacked off, and overall hardly contributed to the colony’s needs.

Eventually the hardworking members of the colony realized that their hard work was not rewarded, instead the fruits of their labors when given away to people who had done nothing to earn them.  Thus they too began slacking off, and barely working.

Well it does not take a rocket scientists to realize that this lacks worth ethic did not lead to the promise of equality that the pilgrims had predicted. The colony almost starved to death in the winter.

In order to end the starvation and deaths, the pilgrims abandoned socialism, and under a new capitalist system the colony flourished.

Here is a quote from the Governor of the Plymouth Bay Colony William Bradford journal “and so assigned to every family a parcel of land, according to the proportion of their number for that end . . . This had a very good success; for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted then otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better content. The women now went willingly into the field, and took their little-ones with them to set corn, which before would a ledge weakness, and inability; whom to have compelled would have been thought great tyranny and oppression.”

The Pilgrims were almost wiped out by socialism, the Plymouth Colony only flourished because of capitalism.  So today, we celebrate the downfall of the desperation of Socialism and the Bounty of Capitalism.

I am just curious, do socialists like Bernie Sanders celebrate Thanksgiving? I mean, the British do not celebrate on the 4th of July, so why would socialists celebrate Thanksgiving?

I am getting sick and tired of seeing all of these memes appearing all over the internet telling me how bad of a Christian I am if I do not support bringing Syrian refugees into this country. They take on many different forms, but the basic formula remains the same. Find a nativity related picture, ad a sentence about how Marry and Joseph were refugees, distribute to millions of people online, and shameless exploit the very religion that progressive’s despise in order to expedite their dangerous agenda. All of these memes are wrong. I understand that progressives may not have had any exposure to the Christmas story, so allow me to please clarify the problems with their story.
First of all, Marry and Joseph were not refugees, they were not fleeing prosecution, they were not homeless. It was not fear or terror that sent them on their march towards Bethlehem, but rather civic duty. They were on their way to the place of Joseph’s birth, Bethlehem, to register for a tax levied by the Roman government. I fail to see how, to put it in a modern equivalent, registering to vote or filing a change of address form equates to fleeing terrorism.
Second, if you read the Nativity Story you will find that what drove the young couple to the manger was “there was no room in the inn “(Luke 2:7). So what the progressives are trying to say is that if you are traveling and find a “no vacancy” sign, suddenly you are refugee. I might not be one of those highly educated politicians, or hail from the East Coast, but I am pretty sure that not being able to find a hotel room does not make you a refugee.
So there is no real connection between the Syrian Refugees. If anything the Christmas Story is a story of tax hungry progressive monsters forcing a pregnant woman to spend precious time and money to give the government more money.

I am glad to finally be back. I have been unable to post for a while, my computer has been down, and life has been hectic. That is all done, and I am glad to once again be back writing.

Just in time for the GOP Primary, the Democrat Coronation, and the overall presidential race to get exciting.