Monthly Archives: September 2019

So I have been thinking long and hard about the dilemma of college debt.  I myself have fallen into this trap.  I did what was expected, I worked hard in high school, went to college, studied hard, got a 4 year degree in marketing.

So according to what I have been told my whole life, I should be living the middle class dream.   It would be impossible to succeed otherwise.

I would be poor and miserable if I did not spend those long years in college.

Well let us see how that worked out.

I currently work at a tool company, in the repair department. I write up tools,  I send them to the techs, they fix them, I call the customer and tell them how much it costs. Or I process them as warranties.

Using a grand total of 0% of my degree.

Meanwhile a recent high school grad is working one cubical over from me, in the marketing department, updating the website. No college degree.

So here is my plan.  If you cannot find a job with your degree after a period of 4 years, you don’t have to pay the college back the money.  They wasted for time, you shouldn’t have to pay them the money.

It only makes sense.  Screw over the con men rather than the rest of the country.

Why should we tax 401k’s (which Senator Sanders has proposed, you know taxing stock trades… which is were 401k’s are and how they make their money)? Why should we punish people making money. Shouldn’t we instead punish the people who have screwed us all over?

Why am I sending $400 a month to a university for a degree that has proved less useful to me than a drunk three legged jack ass?

I mean progressive’s are all about punishing people. They love it. We have all heard of predatory lending, well it is time to go after predatory teaching?

I mean I can return a junk TV, why can’t I return a junk degree?