The Border Patrol and Game of Thrones

I was sitting on the couch this morning, watching Game of Thrones and I made a horrible conclusion. For those of you who watch the show, or have read the books, what follows will make some sense. If you haven’t followed the series, there might be some spoilers in this for you.

In the story, there are the seven kingdoms of Westeros, all of which lie to the south of the Wall. The wall is a massive 700 foot tall barrier of ice designed to protect the lands to the south from what lies to the north, Wildlings, Giants, and worst of all White Walkers (also called the others in the books). The Wall is manned by the once prestigious order known as The Nights Watch. The Nights Watch is an army of men who swore to take no wife, father no children, and take no lands. At the time of the story the Nights Watch has fallen on hard times, and seen its numbers diminish to just 800 men. They cannot properly defend the Wall. The people to the south of the wall are subject to wildling raiding parties.

I was thinking about the overwhelmed Nights Watch, and suddenly I realized that there is a real world equivalent, the United States Border Patrol.

You see in the story wildlings march on the wall, hundreds of thousands of men marched to take the Wall and escape to the south. They were fleeing to the south to escape the coming winter, and the White Walkers. This is not much different than what we are seeing on our southern border. People fleeing the poverty, corruption, and lawlessness in Mexico to come to the land of opportunity and freedom. The problem is though while some come in peace, others come to exploit. Like the raiders in the story, some cross the border to do harm. To transport drugs, weapons, and people from one country to the next. These are the people who our Nights Watch find themselves unable to deal with because they are under funded, under staffed, and unlike the story they don’t have a Wall to aid them. So while our brave men and women of the border patrol struggle to stem the flow of people illegally entering the country, a larger threat begins to loom. The Wall in the story was not built to keep the wildlings out, although that was an added benefit. The Wall was built to protect the land from the threat of White Walkers, humanoid monsters from the north. These creatures come in the winter and destroy all in their path. White Walkers had not been seen in the series for 8,000 years. So the true purpose of the wall was forgotten. We have forgotten that the point of a secure border is not to keep people out, as progressives would have you believe. People who support the idea of border security do not hate the people trying to come to this country. We do not hate Mexicans. Border Security is not about keeping immigrants out, but rather controlling what comes into our country. Our borders are a joke, and could be easily crossed by anyone wishing to do harm to this nation. What is to stop a terrorist from bringing a dirty bomb into this country a crossed our southern border?
The wildling invasion was only halted by the arrival of Stannis Baratheon and his army. The out numbered Nights Watch had no hope of staving off the assault indefinitely. Our border guard has no hope to stop the illegal flow of people into our country, unless we act. We will be powerless to stop a greater threat from crossing our borders unless we end this madness. Unless we do something to bring order back to the chaos that President Barack Obama has intentionally created. The anarchy that he has fostered in order to promote his radical agenda must be dealt with, his exploitation of minorities in this country must end, or we will be powerless when true danger comes.

Comprehensive immigration reform is a fancy way of saying “amnesty”, and nothing more. Of course progressives will tell you that it is about being fair, and fixing a broken system. It is nothing of the sort. They do not want to fix the broken system, they want to perpetuate it. Progressives cannot survive in a world where you are free to make your own choices in life. They cannot sustain themselves in a country that is not torn apart down racial and class lines. Progressives cannot perpetuate their existence unless they can exploit the fears of the poor and of minorities. The complete and total chaos that currently rules to the south plays out in their favor. They want more people to come to this country illegally. They want as many people to race a crossed the border as possible before they finally ram amnesty down our throats. We cannot find jobs for the people who are already here, how are millions of newly created citizens going to find work? How are they going to survive? How are they going to provide for their families? The answer is simple, the progressives will make them slaves to the government, dependent upon their generosity for survival. They want to create a permanent underclass, so as to ensure their continued hold on power.
The answer to the crisis on the border, is not President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi giving amnesty to everyone who has violated our laws and entered this country illegally. Sorry that was a bit long winded let me rephrase that comprehensive immigration reform. The answer does not lie in passing legislation to “secure the border”. There are already laws on the books to secure the border, a fence that President Obama ensured was never built. It is already illegal to hire someone who is not in this country legally. We do not need more laws. You can pass all the laws you want to. You can demand that 100,000 men be stationed on the border at all times, but it will not make a difference. So long as President Barack Obama is in office, there will be no true solution to the crisis on the border. His weak handed leadership has helped to fuel the fire that is burning to the south. President Obama refuses to enforce the laws of this nation. He and his army of progressive zealots openly mock and ridicule anyone who criticizes his embarrassing performance on the border. Any solution to the crisis on the border must start with ENFORCING CURRENT UNITED STATES LAW. Unfortunately President Obama rules this nation outside the rule of law, choosing instead to rule as a dictator exempt from the law.

There are three simple things that must happen in order to end the crisis on the border

1.) Start enforcing current United States immigration law.
2.) Secure the border,
3.) Simplify the legal immigration process so as more people can come into this country legally.

Before you can even begin to deal with the issue of the millions of people here in this country illegally, you have to deal with the fiasco that President Obama and his band of progressive buffoons have created on the border.  The promise of Amnesty is like a flash light in the dark, beaconing people drawing them in. Any push to solve our nations illegal immigration problem, that does not start with enforcing our laws, and securing our border is nothing more than a political game designed to garner support from minority voters.  Quite frankly progressive racism is sickening, they exploit the hopes and fears of the Hispanic population in this country to force them to vote for them. Rather than trying to solve the problem for the benefit of the nation, they pray on the fears of minorities to keep them as loyal servants.  I honestly do not know how progressives live with themselves.


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